Put Your Safe Mode On



                                                                        – Bill Cunningham –

Hii, I’m back after a time period of an unbelievable global pandemic which resulted in most of the countries to go for a lockdown for several months. Covid-19, the outbreak of the disease created a health crisis globally which directly has had an impact on the way we observe our everyday life. A higher number of human deaths took place around the world and my condolence reaching out to all the families who lost their loved ones during this pandemic. The massive support given from our very own heroes during this difficult time is never forgotten. We are forever grateful for all of them. All my girls out there, please make sure to keep social distance, to have a sanitizer with you all the time and work for the safety of yourselves and everyone else around as safety measures put in place. All of our action matters for the safety of our families and loved ones. So, stay safe until we defeat this invisible monster as a nation and as human beings.

You might be thinking and wondering about the topic I’m going to reveal. It’s all about a medical device which is no longer just a device but fashion! Yes, you got it right, masks, masks and more masks! The newest addition of our day to day lives which we cannot forget as we step out of the door. Sounds funny but it’s the truth that masks going to be our fashionable safety partner for another set of month or maybe years to come. Avant-garde designers have already taken the step of adding masks as the newest accessory in their collections. At the same time, designers do make sure that the accessory becoming trendy and eye-catching!

Designers have started creating their very own matching outfits. They consider having a mask that matches their top or dress is fun and stylish at the same time important in a scary situation. Girls, let me give you some fashion tips, have a set of plain coloured masks which can be worn with any printed outfit casual or formal. And go for your favourite printed mask and wear it with your solid-coloured outfits. The mask you going to pick should be safe and fashionable. Because safety is the most important thing you have a consider. Do not forget the whole point of wearing a mask. We made it trendy yet it is a must to be safe!

Cuties, there is another main point to be considered when picking a mask. Make sure the comfortability is there as you have to wear it all day, almost an entire week which is more than eight hours. Since our working places have reopened there’s not a moment where we get to remove the mask till we get back home. So be wise to pick the comfortable masks which give you enough breathability. Masks come with back straps which go around the head and some have ear loops which makes it easier to wear when it comes to all the girls who prefer loose hair mostly. Different methods are used by the designers and masks makers as the demand for masks are here to stay.

So, Girls, masks are here to stay to save our lives and to make us look trendy in a different way! They will help you look trendy from early morning to late at night without sacrificing the health as you step out. You know what you got to do cutie, you just got to use your spell wisely. Just keep in your mind not to compromise your safety Sweetie. By giving just a little extra attention to get dolled up adding your newest accessory, it will give you the confidence to be your best self. It’s your time to go for it!! Let’s help our motherland to make it a better place to live. So Girls, keep in touch to catch up more princess stuff in our next issue. Have Fun and Stay Safe!

With Love,                                                                                                                                  


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