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                             – Karl Lagerfeld –


A Very BIG Hi to all the girls out there! While the clock is ticking and the time is flying faster as usual are you still that Old You who is waiting for the prince charming, thinking he would fall for you that easily? Ohhh No No Girlie, waiting is not the point. Get dressed up in a way that it really works out. It’s time to feel the magic in you. Do you believe in Magic? Still confused about applying the dressing up spell? No worries, Let the Magic begins!!!

Your body size doesn’t fall simply into “big” or “small”.So, there are no defined fabric patterns based on the weight of your body. You know what; there are tips and tricks to know about how to accomplish a confident look depending on the shape and size of your body. Feel relaxing nahh? That smile on your face tells it all Girl, so keep going on.

Okiiii, what you should do is walk to a mirror and take a look at your body and decide where you want the attention. Do you want your hip to be the focal point? Just don’t give up so easily. Try to figure out the strong points and let’s work it out when it comes to getting dolled up.

Why do you have to be so worried about your wide hips, top weight when you get many cool choices when it comes to Fashion? Here are some key points to grab.

  1. Stripes

I know most of the girls would go for stripes as it is a very much of a handy pattern. Vertical stripes (running up and down the length of the body) are for the chubby cupcakes over there. You cuties would definitely like to appear slimmer and taller, to be one, out of the sexy crowds. Surprise!! If you go for vertical stripes you gonna appear skinnier as well. Ohhh, are you’re already on the tall side? No worries, then you better leave vertical stripes aside as it may not be a great choice for you girl.

Thinking about Horizontal stripes? Are you the beauty whose shoulders might be made to appear a little bit broad? Then you better give it a thought before buying horizontal stripes. You know why? Because, it will make your shoulders appear wider.This theory would apply even on slender body types.

  1. Decorative Patterns

You are the princess who would love to get dolled up in flowers, butterflies designs or any other kind of patterns which enhances the lovely look. Your wish is to be more attractive, right? You better avoid outfits which are entirely covered with patterns. It would not be as cool and eye appealing as you wish, sweetie. Wanna keep your sexiness in a printed top with solid-colored bottom, or lightly printed bottom? High Five Gerlie!! Looks like you got the point.

This is especially for, you Sugar pie. You are chubby and cute, will be looking to add something to your wardrobe any time soon. So here you get your turn. Just spice up your plain outfit with a simple accessory. Go and shop for a neck scarf with an animal or another print that you would love to wear. Even something small like a scarf can makes you stand out of the crowd. So are you ready to be Hot?

If you carry your weight low, believe me on this Girl; avoid using patterns on your skirts, shorts or pants. This will draw attention to your bottom rather than focusing up top. Having said that, if your top part a bit heavy, pick out solid, dark tops with more eye-catching bottoms.

  1. Colors

Are you one of the girls who would always pick out dark colours just because you are so obsessed with dark colours? Then I bet you would love to figure out this. It is true that darker colors do make you appear slimmer, but did you ever realized even a black outfit can look unappealing. Sometimes, your outfit which is done entirely in black probably won’t look much better than cladding yourself out in all white.Just mix it up a little. Don’t think twice to use the dressing up spell, Remember? If you are a Cubby Chic who is worried about being chubby, come on girl stop worrying and check this out. You can go for dresses which have dark colours for two sides of it, where a light colour takes place in the middle part of the dress. If you are a beauty who owns a wide hip, and wishing to have a narrow hip, then feel free to wear light colors on top and dark colors on bottom. It really gonna work out! Are you a fan of bright colours after all? Okii, then it is your turn to try a vibrantly coloured top with a pair of black jeans to balance out your outfit.

Have you often gone shopping and felt nothing ever fitted your body to really make you feel cool enough? The stripes sexy dress looked beautiful only on the mannequin, but don’t forget there are many more dresses on earth which make you as much as beautiful as you want. Just apply your spell wisely and get dolled up in a way you look Gorgeous. Hey, are you thinking exactly what I’m thinking right now?? Looks like Prince Charming gonna come your way any time soon. Let your wishes always end up with the reality. So Girls, Keep in touch to catch up more princess stuff in our next issue. Have Fun!

With Love,


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