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Dulinda Perera ‘Winning at Life’


Dulinda Perera, has always been an achiever since school, at the age of 23 he has addressed many platforms related to business, marketing and youth empowerment. Even though he has achieved quite a bit for his age, he always wanted to take a backseat with the success.

2019 is already looking bright for the youngster, gaining the spotlight for some of his work. Even though he doesn’t want to disclose much about his collaborations with international brands, Dulinda is constantly on the move to see that the four ventures will be a massive success once in Sri Lanka.

Speaking with us, Dulinda shares his journey, building Ikon and how he wants to influence the world.

The start of the year, IKON achieved massive success with leading brands. How has the journey been so far?

The journey has simply been amazing. From just two members to 32 members as of now and with the dawn of 2019 we have signed up with some of Sri Lanka’s top-notch brands exposing us to a versatile portfolio of industries and activities. The brand has extended into two more entities as well concentrating on full stack development and digital production allowing us to provide our clients with a more holistic view and approach. Towards the latter part of March, we will take one more step in expanding our services massively. So all in all 2019 has been quite promising.

Dulinda, you’re the founder of the brand at a young age, how did you achieve so much?

Well from my schooling days onwards, I have always been a fan of taking on risks and exploring new paths. The trade of being an entrepreneur despite my academic engineering background was mainly induced by the life of my mother, my one true mentor who is a banker by profession. I believe if you are raised right, taught right and inspired by the right people; this is something achievable by any such person.

Were you always this motivated in achieving things?

Since 2015, where all this started, I am now running operations in four different entities. Along the pathway, the greatest motivation has been the people that I have met. When things do not go the way we need it to, it’s the amazing people around me who keep me motivated and allow me to explore different avenues which eventually would allow me to reach the end goal. On a different viewpoint, it is amazing how another individual is influenced and inspired by yourself and for you to know that you are the reason for another success, it’s beyond amazing. Those two are the main factors that keep me going.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I love brands. Building brands are what I love and what I enjoy most. In 10 years time, I would want to be Sri Lanka’s biggest brand builder, helping local entities reach greater heights especially in global waters and to help Local start-ups to reach greater heights.

Many youths of your caliber want to leave the country, why are you staying back?

Well, I have had my share of travelling. As much as that lifestyle over there is convenient and compelling, there is one substance which is lacking which reminds us that we are somewhat not “home”. For me, Sri Lanka will always be “home”. I love the people over here and despite our operations expanding to four different countries as of now, Sri Lanka will always make me feel welcome and comfortable.

A youth of your statutes will do a lot, how will you present Sri Lanka to the world?

Sri Lanka has a lot of potential and talent. If anyone differs they are kidding themselves. Around the globe, we are known for many things including our intellect and technical know-how. The way I see a  Sri Lankan being positioned as is as an individual with a vast intellectual capacity yet being nurtured by diverse cultural values allowing them to stand out from the rest not as a human, but as a better human.

How will you want to influence the world?

You know, wherever we usually go around, we always hear this phrase saying that the world is an unfair and wrong place. I like to see the positive side of anything. I feel the world is a place of opportunities and the ones who dare to exploit them win within this place. Unfortunately for us a lot of us are used to complaining about them rather than exploiting these opportunities. The only influence I would be keen on instilling and frankly the only one I believe the world needs is to induce people to move ahead and exploit these opportunities. This I believe is what is traditionally referred to as “winning in life”.

There are a lot of collaborations in the pipeline, tell us what’s exciting about the collaborations?

Oh yeah! Like I mentioned with the dawn of 2019 some of Sri Lanka’s biggest brands collaborated with us. Moreover, we are just stepping into a massive collaboration with one of the biggest French perfumery brands in terms of their global platforms. But I believe the most exciting one would be what is about to happen during the latter parts of March, which will signal IKON moving to spaces that we have not ventured before. Watch our digital spaces closely and I’m sure you will know more as we move on!

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