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      “Clothes mean Nothing,

                                          until Someone lives in them”  


 Marc Jacobs –

Hey Girls, a very Big Hiii to all my Amazing, Fashionable cuties over there ☺ We have come to the most Wonderful time of the Year! It’s that time of the year, where you get to see all the bright, vibrant & dazzling decorations coming out to the streets and houses. It’s the time where carols fill the streets, where bells are ringing, where the wind is blowing with a message of Love & Laughter. YES, it is, ITS CHRISTMAS!!! As I’m gonna reveal another spell of getting dolled up this Christmas, are you ready to get in, to catch a ride for another fantastic ride in the dazzling world of FASHION? So the time has come.

Sweetie, There are ample of meet ups and parties gonna happen in the season which will definitely keep you wondering what will be the best outfit to be Trendy and stand out. So let me make you aware of some of the Festive picks for you to feel & look great!!

Sequin Glamour

Sequins will never go out of Trend. Are you a princess who is so fond of glittery out fits? This year cover your pretty dress in the glitz & glam of sequins. Go for a mini, mid or floor length sparkly dress which will definitely make you look fashionable for the best time of the year. Make sure you gonna pick it for one of your night parties to give that proper bling. Avoid too bulky earrings as you already got yourself enough glitter. And sweetie, A heavy necklace is a Big No No!!!

Full Midi Prettiness

Cutie, Full midi skirts are back in a trendy way. It has the look which makes your personality stand out. It’s one of the best options for Christmas gatherings at work. A day or Night it will give you the exact look you need. Dress yourself up with a lace or off the shoulder top to enhance the prettiness. Girlie, think wise when you apply this spell. If you gonna pick a printed Skirt, go for a bright plain top & if your skirt gonna be plain make sure you gonna pair it up with a printed Top. A crop top would be another ideal option sweetie. It will defiantly add all the trendiness you need once you go for a set of fancy accessories.

Velvet Touch

Never underestimate a lady in velvet underneath the mistletoe, what do you say cutie? ????   Another fashionable way of getting dolled up gonna be adding a velvet touch this Christmas. If you are really in to luxe texture and you are obsessed with the look of bohemian flair, then this is the right pick for you girl. If you decided to wear a velvet dress, you should choose only one piece made of such fabric. It has the feminine touch that adds glamour, and the glamour a Velvet dress brings is simply great. Opt Floor length or mini statement piece of velvet. A black or red, green, blue, dark shade of velvet gives you the exact spirit of festiveness and at the same time it is super feminine.

The Black Magic

This Black magic I’m gonna reveal has to be one of the best wardrobe investments a woman can make, a count-on-it companion for years to come without any doubt.  Come on, Girl, this is not about the black magic which you have seen in Hansel & Gretel or any other movie. This is about the glamour of the black dress which you saw on the mannequin while you were window shopping last week. When it comes to this colour it never gets old to be worn. No need to feel shamed Cutie a black dress claims party re-wear possibility for years to come. Add interest with subtle embellishments in festive gold or silver, or re-work a plain black dress with metallic or colored accessories to make yourself outstandingly elegant. That will make your dress leave your wardrobe many times for your parties.

Trendy Jumpsuit

Cutie, yes this is the one piece which makes your complete outfit which is fashionable and chic. Do you have any idea how fancy it can look? As a dress, it’s one and done. But did you know that it can make or break the look? Keep this in mind girl, Do not wear anything too tight or too loose. You know why, If you wear a jumpsuit that’s too tight, you might give off that cat woman vibe, and you might be feeling uncomfortable too. If you wear a jumpsuit that is too loose, you will completely lose your figure, which I’m pretty sure you don’t want to. You know what, It is fabulous & super comfortable for you to hit the dance floor too sweetie. It’s just a matter of selecting the proper fit & cut to give you all you need to look great this festive season.


Sophisticated Beauty

Hey Girl I got you, this tip is for you who aren’t really in to dresses but still wanna look amazing. Don’t Worry! Peplums are for you. Of course sweetie, wanna know the beauty of these? They can be Sophisticated, chic and simply fashionable at once. Go for a pair of skinny jeans or a pair of tailored pants and heels to have that killer look!  Opt necklace and bulky, fancy pair of earrings to enhance the look. If you want to turn up the glamour even higher, go with vibrant & bright jewelry if you have picked Nude, Black or White colored Peplum. And not to forget that Bronze, Gold & Silver also have the amazing combination of trendiness. Just pick one of those if you gonna hit a night party to give that extra shimmering glitter.

Girls it’s time to use the spell wisely till I get back next time. Have you got the spell of getting dolled up this Christmas? I know it’s not that easy to pick up the perfect dress when it comes for Christmas. Unfortunately, Santa cannot work on pre-Christmas magic and make you happy by adding the most elegant dress into your wardrobe overnight. So it’s you who should pick the right outfit to get that fabulous look. Apart from getting dolled up, I’m pretty sure, it’s gonna be a fun time filled with joy & laughter where you enjoy some quality time with your families & loved ones. So Sweetie, Take a breath, Make a wish coz Santa is on his way!! Just be wise & use the spell coz it’s all about being YOU this CHRISTMAS. Wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year with loadzz of Love ☺ !!! Its surely the most Wonderful time of the Year! Make the best out of it!

So Girls, Keep in touch to catch up more princess stuff in our next issue. Have



With Love,                                                                                                              


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