Hey Girls, A big hi to all my girls out there as I’m writing back after a devastating situation in the country. Hope all of you are safe and recovering from a time where all of us faced scary moments in our mind after seeing the tragedy which took place. Praying for Peace and Harmony in the country will start off with the tips I’m going to share with you this time. Having any idea of what I’m going to give all the tips about? I know you are ready and eager to catch up Fashion tips which I’m gonna speak out this time. Let’s look into some interesting tips which are going to make you feel trendy by simply adding a belt. Yes! It’s the spell of Belts. Wanna join me for another ride in the dazzling world of fashion? I know you would love to. Even simple things matter in the world of fashion, it’s all about how you put things together, so here we start it up 😊

Oki Cuties, a belt is a fashionable addition to your outfit. Let’s give a definition to your waist and outfit by picking the right belt to dress up no matter whether it’s going to be a dress or a pant. Let’s do something which is a little bit extra than just putting your belt through loop and fastening. Let’s work for the pieces that have no loops.

Sweetie, remember a belt is a trendy addition to your outfit which functions as an accessory as all of us know for a fact. Belts come in a wide range of designs, sizes and looks starting from plain, metallic, classic to studded and even funky ones. Dresses or skirts in silky fabrics can be worn with metallic belts to give out the feminine spark. Feeling worried about wearing an old outfit of yours for the upcoming event? Girl, spice it up with a gold or silver belt which gives the dazzling look to stand out. If you are a sweetie who is so fond of a Boho look, get the vintage look with trendiness by adding brown or neutral tones. Of course, Brown belts are back in trend than never before.

Girlie, Is your outfit too simple to look fashionable? A basic Blouse with collars can be paired up with a denim pant and not forget adding a belt with an oversized buckle which can be in a different shape. That will add trendiness to your look without any doubt. If you don’t feel comfortable with the look of an oversized buckle, cheer up girl, go for a belt which has textures. That’s gonna make you stand out.

Belts are not only to keep your pants secured and holding on. Why don’t you try it out over your favorite dress or skirt? Wear it over your outfit to get the look you always wanted cutie. Make it one of the cool accessories you wear by trying out some neutral shades and a belt which is eye-catchy. It is true that there was a trend which we wore belts that match other accessories according to advises of Stylists. And that was sometime back. Here comes the time for you to mismatch your accessories to have a different set of colors when it comes to your shoes and handbag. Make your own statement, mix and match your belt to shoes and other accessories. Yes, I know you can do this as you know so many tips of getting dolled up by now 😊

Sweetie, it’s always up to you to work for it and make yourself stand out. There are several ways of updating your outfit by adding a belt. Sometimes we should try to break out of the box and come up with something modern and creative to be unique.

Hidden End Knot

Girl, is your favorite belt too long or with no loops? Let’s open up creativeness, how about creating a hidden end knot? You can simply avoid showing ends of the belt by hiding it. Just put your long end of the belt in, put around and then try tucking it behind the knot which you created. And you are done making it!

Butterfly Knot

Let’s try another way of being creative with your very own belt cutie. Creating a loop makes you add a feminine twist to your outfit without any doubt. It’s also known as butterfly knot as it tends to recall the shape of a butterfly. Wear it top of a charming plain dress, this would work amazingly.

Double Up

Oki Sweets, here we go with the next creative tip of making yourself look great. Let’s double up your belts. It really is pretty and unique. So, you can basically try two options here, where you can have two skinny belts which are in the same size yet different colors or else to have wide and skinny belts as a combination to make a difference. It’s all about how you wanna get dolled up! No restrictions, but just make sure to not to do anything which could break your look. With these tips, Nooo you would never do so 😊

Girlie, I hope after looking at the tips you have an idea of getting dolled up when it comes to accessorizing yourself with a belt. As we have come to the end of today’s ride, I hope you already know how to apply the spell of getting trendy in your own way which can make your look! In the fashion world, you will always get an amazing answer if you use magic wisely. Just keep in your mind to use tips appropriately. By giving just a little extra attention to getting dolled up gives you the confidence to be your best self and to stand out by using some simple yet trendy tips. It’s your time!! Be a stylish chic. Make a statement, be yourself and be your own stylist 😉 So Girls, Keep in touch to catch up more princess stuff in our next issue. Have Fun!

With Love,                                                                                                                                  


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