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Hey Girls, A very big hi to all my girls out there waiting to know fashion secrets which I’m going to reveal this time. Have  any idea of what I’m going to give all the tips about? I know no matter what you are always ready to catch up Fashion tips. I’m gonna reveal some tips on pant trends which you would love to read out. Another spell of getting dolled up without any doubt. Give a break to the confusion sweetie. Wanna join me for another ride in the dazzling world of fashion? I know you would love to, come on, put on your  seat belt for an amazing ride where u never get fed up. Hold on, Here we gooooooo!!!

Oki Cuties, as we know Skirts make  you look pretty and dresses makes you prettier. But don’t you think that pants have never made us feel down too? No matter the shape, they make you look chic like nothing when you mix & match with a cool top. This year it’s all about getting into  different types of trendy pants. Pants have made a comeback from high waists to new washes and unexpected cool silhouettes. It’s time to get to know the spell Girls. Take a deep breath to catch up what’s trending right now!

Trendy Track Pants

Track pants are in trend in a coolest way. Wide leg track pants will definitely make you look fabulous with a pair of sneakers or a pair of heels. Amazing eye-catching colors, open & closed side slits & relaxed Silhouette makes you feel like a slightly bold choice to make. But wide leg shape would hit the comfortability at its best. A crop top or a Basic T- shirt would be an ideal way to go ahead with Track pants without any doubt.

Paper Bag Waist Pants

Hey Sweetie, did you look at the title of the pant and think , What’s thattttt!!! Hehe, hold on let me explain. Paper bag waist pants are pants that have a waist that reminds exactly a paper bag. These pants are usually tied at waist area with a fabric formed belt. Paper bag waist pants are elegant, and most probably the pant you choose when you want to look simply nothing but the best and impress everyone around you. Cutie I’m pretty sure that you wanna stand out when it comes to getting dolled up. You know what, I’m gonna tell you something interesting. The news for you Girls, any of you can wear paper bag waist pants!! They can make you look fashionable and trendy at any occasion. It’s a best option for you if you get the feeling of not wearing a dress for the fancy party you are looking forward to attend to Sweetie. And they can look professional enough for work too. So, isn’t it the time for you to shop for the best pair and add it in your trendy wardrobe anytime soon?


Plaid pants – it is a lot of look – but once you nail it, you gonna have a piece that will probably never go out of style. It is a trendy piece you should own cutie. You can pair them with so many different tops and shoes that give them a totally different feel. They’re kind of unique at the same time. Different colors will give you different  looks for different occasions. You just have to use the spell wisely. Keep in mind  that they’ll always stand out – it’s nice to have at least one piece in your wardrobe which makes you look fab.

High waisted Jeans

Cutie, aren’t you totally obsessed with high-waisted jeans look? Don’t you think it’s super fashionable? The truth is that they do add a hot touch to your outfit, no matter if they come in boyfriends cut or skinnies. The best thing about high-rise jeans? They add more trendiness and keep everything in place. High  waisted pants are all about the chic look you wanna get. You can wear them paired with tops tucked in or pulling off crop tops. Don’t they give the hot look which is so cool?

Ripped Jeans

Girls, now I’m about to begin with one of your favorites. Of course, it’s your fav pair of Ripped jeans. They are coming Back!!! It got the ability of showing off the fashionable, fab look from casual meet up to any evening party. Coz it has got the casual plus super cool feel to make you stand out. All you must do is opt one of the pair of shoes which spice up your look accordingly. For example , if it’s a meet up and a movie time with your friends go for a pair of sneakers or a pair of cute sandals. If it’s going to be a party time, it will look great with a pair of sky high heels or a pair of wedges. A crop top or oversized T- shirt can add more trendiness as well as Button up shirts. As you know more holes and rips your jeans gonna have, the better!

Patch work Jeans

Girlie, there’s nothing to wonder coz, denim seems to be even more exciting this year. One of the coolest and most fun denim trends, which is on trend right now is the patchwork denim jeans. A light blue pair of jeans with patches of darker shades or even different patterns can be seen which is so cool! They do have a boho – Casual touch in them which make us fall for them and add them to our list of favorites. Best thing about them is that you can make them by yourself with one of your old pair of jeans in a unique way just the  way you want Swee  there’s no restrictions for this statement piece. By adding patches to make them colorful, unique, and fun you can end up with a piece which is simply amazing. And Cutie, you’ll never look at old, boring denims  the same way again. You got what I said? ???? But keep in your mind that when it comes to patch up jeans it’s better to go for less patches than having so much of different pattern detailing as it might break the look.

So Gerlie, we have come to the end of today’s  ride, I hope you already know how to apply the spell of getting trendy in your own way in different types of pants. In the fashion world, you will always get an amazing answer if you use the magic wisely. Just keep in mind  not to compromise your style Sweetie. Giving  just a little extra attention to getting dolled up will give you the confidence to be your best self in your favorite pants. It’s your time!! Ripped or high waisted, patched up or Paper waist it’s all about nailing it in the best way. Be a stylish chic in your favorite pants cutie. Go and get that look ???? So Girls, Keep in touch to catch up more princess stuff in our next issue. Have Fun!

With Love,                                                                                                              


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