A Magnate in the Making – Ginsara Dias


“My goal is to attain corporate nirvana or the highest rung in the ladder of success!” stated Ginsara Dias, Country Manager (Sri Lanka) of the multinational information technology giant- Hewlett Packard (HP). Gifted with strong business acumen, he has reached significant milestones in his career but assures us that there are “miles to go” before he reaches the zenith of his professional scope. Within a relatively short time span of merely nine years, Ginsara has made giant strides in the region and made a name for himself as a leader who aspires to lead by example.

His most recent designation as the Regional Business Category Manager – Print – Asian Emerging Markets required him to drive sales operations in Asian Emerging Markets; including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Mongolia, and East Timor. Prior to that he was the Market Development Manager Inkjet Printing Systems – Asian Emerging Markets and spearheaded multiple teams to manage LaserJet and inkjet printing systems in the Asian market.  My job requirement led me to carry out market analysis to remain updated with changing trends, oversee competitors, and create a competitive advantage. I focused on expanding the business by introducing the product in new markets and controlled the budget, managed the supply chain, led sales teams, and monitored various channels, ensuring the realization of defined objectives. I was also able to strengthen relations with global accounts through effective communication and close collaboration.” His first designation at HP was Marketing Communications & Channel Marketing Manager, in charge of heading the communication for the printing and personal systems in the Asian Emerging market. His strategies were instrumental in a significant growth spurt in the region.

Since 2015, I am based in Singapore, overlooking the vast spectrum related to HP.

He commenced his corporate journey right after school as a call centre operator for a multinational communication leader and thereafter rose in prominence due to his dedication and commitment towards work and outstanding leadership skills. “I was determined to start somewhere and take small steps to pursue the dream of becoming a top businessman!” enthused Ginsara.

Delving further into the psyche of a leader; one tends to realize that Ginsara is motivated by exceptional individuals such as his father, who was an ex-politician. His advice about managing people has given Ginsara a broad perspective while being on a global platform, the effervescent style of leadership of Sir Richard Branson has inspired him to choose the higher road at all times and think out-of-the proverbial box.

“It is important to be disciplined when pursuing a career and strive to be the best you can be while taking on the challenges that is part of this world,” said he emphatically, offering a wealth of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders in business.

While it is imperative to earn the respective paper qualifications, the most important lessons are learned outside of a classroom as proved by Ginsara who has not merely amassed much knowledge through theory but gained the practical skills that has made him a great leader. “A clear vision of where you intend to go or how you want to be perceived in five to ten years is important at the onset, thereafter gather knowledge, work smart, face challenges and learn new things, evolve as a person and practice as your rigorous efforts will always be rewarded.”

In Ginsara’s world, nothing is seen as an obstacle as challenges are merely footstools that allow him to take another step toward attaining his ultimate goal. Managing his team from thousands of mile away and traveling to and fro to attend to matters pertaining to work has kept him alert and vigilant about the measures he has to follow in becoming a top business magnate in his own right.

By Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

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