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Embracing your child’s Individuality

Ever wondered if you know who your child is really? Could you really be doing what’s best for your child? Can our ego be something that gets in the way…

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Tantrum Toddlers

If you’re a parent of a toddler, you know the battle is real. Toddler tantrums are one of the most challenging aspects of parenting. Some kids may have tantrums often,…

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KIDS IN THE DIGITAL AGE- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Social media is raging today and as we all know, it can really be intimidating if you don’t know how to deal with it. As social media continues to evolve…

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Beyond the “Baby Blues”

So you have just had a baby! You are expected to be celebrating the arrival of your little one with your friends and family. But instead of celebrating, you feel…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of visiting a Newborn and family

Becoming parents is a wonderful experience but if you are a parent you know the raw side of it. It is not as easy as it sounds, true enough it…

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kids bond

Building a great bond with your kids

Want to be a great parent? Want to raise a happy, healthy, well-behaved kid? Want to live in a home where discipline becomes unnecessary? The secret is to create a…

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pugs footwear

Pugs- Happy Feet, Happy Kids

Footwear is the most important part of any child’s outfit, and like most footwear companies, Pugs brand is looking at quality, comfort and durability. Pugs footwear is designed to support…

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mackly sleepwear

Mackly Pyjamas- Style and Comfort before Bedtime

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Mackly Pyjamas has taken the lead as one of the most unique styles of sleepwear fashion. It’s about comfort, it’s about durability and…

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