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Sonal Balasuriya

Sonal Balasuriya Architects and Design Studio Focuses on “Contextual Architecture”

Today in post war Sri Lanka, Architecture and Planning has become ever more important to us, in order to create beautiful, sustainable and well-planned cities, buildings and houses. Today, Sri…

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chef dush

A Spoonful of Insight from Self-Made Entrepreneur, Chef Dush

For someone who taught himself how to cook from scratch and that too, beginning from the tender age of seven to establishing a solid career within the local food industry,…

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Chalani Rathnayaka

Beauty is Skin Deep – ‘Miss Asia 2nd Runner-Up’ Chalani Rathnayaka

Sri Lanka emerged victorious at the recently held Miss Asia 2018 beauty pageant which took place at the Gokulam Convention Centre in Kaloor, Kochi. Twenty five beauties from across the…

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bungalow berrycove

Bungalow Berrycove in Kurunegala Unveiled

Experience a Euphoric Stay at a Restored Colonial Manor Located on a 28 acre coconut estate in Wellawa, Kurunegala, stumbling upon this amazing gem of a location was indeed blissful…

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Chalana Munasinghe

The Many Talents of Chalana Munasinghe from Ramani Fernando Salons

It truly is amazing what make-up can do to ones face, irrespective of the way we look naturally. Speaking of make-up, the beauty industry in Sri Lanka is no doubt…

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insight resort

An Insightful Weekend at Insight Resort, Ahangama

We needed a serious break, away from Colombo. And as we usually tend to do, we decided to check out discount vouchers online and settled with Insight Resort in Ahangama,…

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Feminism is About Perceiving Strength Women Already Possess

A Rendezvous with Senela Jayasuriya-Abeynaike Being a woman in a male-oriented environment is no easy task. Only a handful of countries around the world actually take feminism seriously and give…

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heshan de silva

Heshan De Silva’s Label 2202 Making Waves Abroad

The fashion design industry is truly an exciting and awe-inspiring one, where creative individuals portray their work onto fabric and whatever material that would contour to create signature elements which…

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Pradeep Edward

SLIM Anticipates Elevated Change on Path Reaching 50 Years

SLIM, which stands for the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing has benchmarked its brand as the nation’s foremost body for Marketing in Sri Lanka, coming close to completing five decades…

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AIA Health

Can You Afford The Best Healthcare For You & Your Family?

Have you ever stopped to think of the possibility of being diagnosed with a serious illness out of the blue and not being able to do anything about it? No…

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