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Travel in style with ODEL this holiday season with a wide selection of internationally renowned luggage and travel accessories! Offering you with the latest trends and global brands from budget to premium, ODEL is your one stop destination for all your luggage and travel needs.

Ranging from budget-friendly international labels such as Travel Blue, Kamiliant, National Geographic, Giordano and American Tourister to more high-end brands such as Samsonite, Kipling, and Tumi, the wide spectrum of products on offer makes it all the more convenient for you to select the product that would specifically suit your need.

Exploring the range on offer, Samsonite offers an extensive spectrum of travel, business, casual and personal accessory products. This brand is highly recommended and trusted worldwide and is one of the bestselling brands at the store. The century-old brand specializes in providing travelers with a comfortable and convenient experience. Their USP, the TSA lock, is a feature that most travelers look for, especially those who travel to the US. A Samsonite bag is definitely a travel investment – the bags are known to be extremely durable and light in weight.

Produced in a water-resistant Nylon material, Kipling has a unique look that appeals mainly to the tourist market. Kipling has complementary pieces and back-to-school collections and they also produce special water-resistant luggage.

Offering customized embossed bags that makes each bag personal and one-of-a-kind, the limited selection of Tumi bags are only available at Galleria – Colombo City Centre and at ODEL – One Galle Face Colombo.

With its vibrant colours and high affordability, American Tourister offers a range of suitcases, luggage, duffle bags, office bags, wallets, trolleys, backpacks and travel accessories that are tested for their reliability and strength in real conditions.

Specializing in trolleys, backpacks and duffle bags, Kamiliant is one of the bestsellers due to its versatility, style and price factors. Both National Geographic and Giordano feature high-budget backpacks, luggage, pouches and accessories. These brands feature unique and limited pieces.

With its back-to-school collections, and bright and preppy designs, High Sierra offers a range of matching pieces that complement each other and absolutely no one could say no to that!

Travel Blue offers absolutely everything you could possibly need before stepping on a flight. Their selection features urban bags, travel adaptors, neck pillows, money pouches, toiletry bags, Bluetooth headphones, foldable bags, eye masks, earbuds and many more.

So, before you go around the world, go do a round at ODEL – you’re bound to find everything you need and everything you didn’t know you needed! Here’s a bonus: all these brands have an international warranty too. Visit the ODEL department store at Alexandra Place, American Tourister – Liberty plaza, Galleria – Colombo City Centre or ODEL – One Galle Face to get your hands on these brands before the holiday season!

By Kavindhi Wanigasinghe

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