Fairway Sunset Resort Embodies ‘Smart Luxury’ For Galle Travellers


Fairway Sunset Serviced Apartments – A Galle Experience Not To Be Missed

After Fairway Holdings shot up in popularity with their introduction of the Colombo property, Fairway Colombo, it only seemed timely for their leisure portfolio to witness more change in the form of Fairway Sunset and Fairway Sunset Serviced Apartments.

Recently, I paid the property a visit for a much anticipated review of the location and it did not disappoint. Fairway Sunset in Galle is the main resort, located a hoot and holler away from Dewata Junction, where the expressway coach turns on to Matara Road at the intersection. It’s easily identifiable from a distance, as the resort can be located from a distance, giving you ample time to embark from the coach if you’re travelling in it towards Galle, as I did.

However, the resort is yet to experience a number of additions, and are currently awaiting a liquor license and a newly revamped menu which is currently being seen to by their newly recruited Executive Chef Sesha Fernando. Fairway Sunset’s current outsourced restaurant is the Scarlett Skyy Rooftop Bar & Grill. The menu is set to be introduced very soon, and is probably even being experimented on as this is being typed!

A Warm Welcome

Getting to the resort was oh-so-easy and the location is ideal for travellers who look forward to travel towards Galle, Unawatuna and pretty much, down south. So, the level of travel convenience is no doubt exceptional, considering how much it can get to be a hassle if you end up spending extra time looking for your lodgings! I was greeted by the receptionist who was very friendly, professional and made sure I got to my room without having to wait too long.

I was treated to a suite with a balcony that opens to a lovely view of the ocean break opposite the resort and the main road below. The resort holds 65 rooms, comprising superior and deluxe rooms, along with 2 suite categories; the Superior and Deluxe. These come with more space, not one but two TVs for your viewing pleasure, whether you want to catch a bout of visual entertainment from the comfort of your bed or on a comfy sofa, the ambience sure does allow you to rest, relax and spend some quality time with yourself, a loved one or family. The resort hasn’t forgotten to build a setting that can entertain differently-abled individuals.

The cosiness and comfort you would expect from a smartly luxurious setting is evident here, so you are guaranteed enough time to rejuvenate and fuel up before you embark on another phase of your traveling agenda. If you simply want to go on a visit to, say Galle or Unawatuna for example, I’d recommend Fairway Sunset, as the location and all their amenities would surely be of value.

From the décor to their colour theme, Fairway Sunset does justice to your eyes and the quality sure does reflect on every bit of item the rooms hold. From their complimentary tea/coffee to every other basic item in their bathrooms, unwinding here sure helps in soothing your mind and getting you away from your office room or the city’s hustle and bustle.

Lively Locales

The area’s most iconic landmark, the Galle Fort can be visited in as short as 10 minutes, and there are abundant tuk-tuks parked in close proximity to the resort for anyone who wishes to visit such places if you want to explore, bask in the rich cultural heritage of the area or to simply chill out and experience. Taxi hailing apps such as Pick Me usually work in Galle, so you can give that a try to find a tuk or car nearby to take you around on a budget price. Other easily accessible locations include Unawatuna, which is no doubt very popular among foreign tourists, the Galle Lighthouse, the Galle Clock Tower, the Galle Harbour, Museums and various beach spots that are visitor-friendly and enticing.

If you are someone who, on the other hand, prefers to spend some quality time at the resort, then it is suggested that you check up on their upcoming in-house programmes which Fairway organizes for their guests as well as visitors who are invited to join in the experience. Fairway Sunset has in time, managed to initiate guest programmes such as yoga and Zumba sessions and cook-ups of gourmet dishes created by popular guest chefs from abroad. The resort doesn’t have a pool so, if you’re a beach person then of course, you might hardly find yourself being confined to your room.

Concepts to Look Forward to

But, before the next season commences, Fairway Sunset will be launching a rooftop Jacuzzi for their guests. Alongside this, there will be more entertainment programmes for guests which will include Zumba sessions as well. So, you’re guaranteed to not feel bored if you hope to stay in the resort for your holiday.

The rooftop restaurant, Scarlett Skyy is part of a business enterprise that focuses on empowering locals and encompassing locally sourced organic ingredients; from the fruits and vegetables to the spices and tea. The restaurant owner utilizes its own branded tea variety – Organic Life Teas. The brand not only limits their produce to tea but also sources organic spices, oils and dried fruit that are marketed under the same name. These ingredients and also incorporated into their menu.

In the near future, the rooftop area will also accommodate a separate outlet where these products will be showcased for sale to the guests as well as anyone who wishes to purchase Organic Life products at competitive prices.

Fairway Sunset Serviced Apartments

Not to forget that if you’re someone who is, on the contrary, looking for more space and your own kitchen comfort, then Fairway Sunset’s Serviced Apartments will sure get you on the right track to spend an ideal holiday with a bigger number of people. Ideal for families, a group of friends on holiday or even for someone who is travelling down to the country and hopes to stay near Galle for a longer period of time, the serviced apartments offer that ideal living in option.

Located about 1km away from the resort, the serviced apartments are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the same apartment complex that houses Fairway’s apartment residences. The property can also be easily accessible from the expressway. When you get close to the property, you’re firstly greeted by a newly opened Food City branch that was initiated for the convenience of the apartment building’s residents. The serviced apartment section opens up to a lovely pool that carries an aura of an infinity pool though it’s certainly close to that concept.

There are two-bedroom and three-bedroom serviced apartments that is fully-accommodated with a kitchen, living and dining areas and bathrooms. The two-bedroom units are available for USD 120 per night and the three-bedroom units got for USD 150 per night. The bedrooms are spacious and a group of people can easily share the cost as well as the space according to preference. So, if a group of four goes for the two-bedroom, one can easily only need to pay around Rs. 5000 per night, and the guest has the liberty of enjoying their own peaceful space, use of one’s own kitchen amenities and get to chill out by the pool or even go on a travel spree towards Galle Fort. That sure sounds like a cool bargain for a stay in Galle!

Text by Sara Pathirana

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