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Stunning Model Suzy Monty reveals her secret to keeping fit at 67!


British model Suzy Monty reveals her secret to looking sensational at the age of 67! Yes, if you are as amazed as I am and eager to know, do read on!

What are some of questions you are asked by people who see how stunning and fit you are, despite your age? This is simply out of curiosity as many people tend to lose interest in their physical well-being as they age.

“People are curious to know how I keep such a slim figure at the grand age of 67 and this is devoid of hormone replacement therapy and plastic surgery.” Surprisingly, Suzy does not dye her long hair nor does she use hair extensions either.

What do you tell them? We too are eager to know the secret to you being an epitome of picture perfect health?

“I tell them it all boils down to one thing and that is walking! Be it anywhere – from coastal to country walks, which are my favourite as I love the scenery. Yet, walking is beneficial, even in towns and cities. I personally feel that too many people opt to jump in their cars these days, instead of walking.”

What are the health benefits in walking daily?

 “A good daily walk can help you maintain your correct weight. It can also prevent certain medical conditions, including high blood pressure, type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. It can also help to strengthen one’s bones and muscles – at any age. Walking is also proven to lighten your mood and is often recommended to people that suffer from depression. A dose of fresh air and movement can work wonders for body and mind. For older people especially, walking can help to improve co-ordination and balance. It is also a great way to socialize as I meet a number of people and end up chatting to them during my daily walks with my rescue dog. A pet, preferably a dog is a great source of motivation for walking and I insist that you walk to your heart’s content as it is definitely more beneficial that turning into a ‘couch potato!” Enthused the model, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that walking has been the best exercise for her!

In conclusion, Suzy advised on the importance of wearing suitable footwear, to ensure blister free feet.

“Keep young and beautiful, the song says, well you can – ‘by walking back to happiness’”

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