suzy monty

Dusk In The Woods – Suzy Monty


‘Red is such a dynamic, positive colour to wear – and who better to wear this stunning ball gown, than British photographic model, Suzy Monty – dubbed by the media as the ‘UK’s oldest glamour model’ .

At 66 years young, suzy shows no sign of slowing down as a model and says that as long as photographers want to point their camera lens at her, she has no plans to retire.

Suzy keeps fit with regular coastal and country walks with her rescue dog. Also maintains a healthy diet. She has never had plastic surgery nor hrt and doesn’t even dye her long natural hair.

Suzy loves modelling fashion and has a vast wardrobe of clothes – some bought at charity shops. She also designs and even makes some of her outfits. Red is her favourite colour!

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