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Now Trending in Sri Lanka: Audi Q2


By Sunali Fernando

So let’s play a game. How many Audi cars did you see on the road today? Let me take a guess. Approximately 5 out of 10 cars that you saw around Colombo were Audis. While BMW and Benz were more popular and the top selling German brands in Sri Lanka, Audi had to take a back seat and provide little competition to its rivalries. Now, however, the tables have turned and Audi has established itself as one of the leading German brands in the country.

Audi was able to come into power with the introduction of the Q series. The middle income families and young entrepreneurs in the country were in search of a luxurious yet affordable car which provides elegance, status and convenience. The quest continued until the affordable and pleasurable Q2 was introduced to the Sri Lankan market. While most people are unable to buy good brands due to the high rate of tax imposed on vehicles, the recent reduction of taxes for vehicles under 1000 CC engines started the golden era for Audi in Sri Lanka. The Q2 having a 1000 CC engine soon became a huge hit in the country and it started becoming the trending SUV in Sri Lanka.

While the tax reduction resulted in queues in the Audi showrooms, the Q2 with its innovative technology and its driving capacity was in high demand right from the launch of the vehicle. The Q2 ensures an exciting drive with a turbo charged 1000 cc petrol engine that gives an output of 115 BHP. While the power of the engine could be comparatively small, it creates an excellent pulling power for a vehicle of this nature. The Q2 thus has an acceleration of 0-100km/h in 10.1 seconds and gives an outstanding performance for a low capacity engine.

Utilizing the best of German technology, Q2 allows you to experience advanced technology with high fuel efficiency and a convenient driving opportunity.  The TFSI engine in Q2 makes the car highly fuel efficient providing an average fuel consumption of 8-10km/l in city limits. The 7 speed S-tronic gearbox (including Dual Clute transmission system) with intelligent gear shifts and quick response time enhances both the fuel efficiency and performance of the vehicle making it a convenient ride for families and young entrepreneurs.

The Germans have ensured precision and luxury amidst the high technology with the Q2. The SUV is compact with technology such as a digital navigation screen, a Parking System Plus with rearview camera and 360° parking sensors, sport leather steering wheel in 3-spoke design including multifunction and Illuminated inlays that change in to 6 different colours. The Q2 prides itself in providing comfort and luxury with Black leather Interior, sufficient leg space and an optional suspension with damper control and Audi drive select, which adapts the vehicle’s character to your personal preferences, making a more intensive driving style possible.

Making it stand out in the crowd, the Q2 comes in radiant colours and a stylish and sophisticated design. Available in exciting colours such as coral orange, ara blue, glacier white, mythos black, tango red, vegas yellow and quantum grey, Audi Q2 can bring brightness and colour to the dullness of the day. The coupe-like roof line that stretches low over the vehicle body defines the side view, while the dynamic body line with contours and highlights sharpen the core deign of the vehicle. The stylish Audi Q2 exterior is further achieved with a selection of individual rim designs that underline the vehicle’s elegant and sophisticated appearance. Audi Q2 was one of the first to combine compact dimensions with a premium badge at the front. The light curb weight (1,205 kilograms) and the high rigidity of Q2 enable sporty handling and enhance the aerodynamics and the fuel efficiency.

The Audi Q2’s compact size, light steering and high fuel efficiency make it ideal for town driving while it’s powerful and appearance radiates elegance and style. Audi Q2 rules the roads when it comes to sheer driving pleasure and technological features required in the new age of adventures.

Photography By: A. Thennakoon

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