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  1. Glad to see such an initiative taken by AIA Insurance to promote good health

  2. Very insightful article, I look forward to reading more of such content…..

    1. Good read. Timely n informative

  3. Good insight that was not expected from an insurance company to campaign with. But good stuff 👍🏽

    1. Definitely a good read… There was a lot of useful information for someone of my age. And something that other companies should take a leaf out of… This should also be implemented from school level. Make it a habit so that it will be part of your life… Looking forward for more informative articles from you all.

  4. Really good article to campaign with… Relevant information for this time of age

  5. A wonderful initiative from an insurance company. Putting aside marketing strategies this is the way forward. Corporates taking responsibility. Well done 👍

  6. Very nice & Informative article. Worthy 💐 Thank you for sharing!

    1. Definitely

  7. Good read. Timely & Informative…
    Thanks Elegant & AIA

  8. Great article and very relevant to these challenging times! Insightful and reminds us about the key points in protecting ourselves and our loved ones. Looking forward to more insightful that focuses on the solution!

  9. Dr. Periasamy’s advice could not have come at a more grievous time, it is time that people understood the values she has pointed out, and in importance, this is a timely initiative by all parties connected. Hope that more trends by individuals such as you would enhance the livelihoods of all. Thank for the article.

  10. This is very good marketing and a good initiative. Timely published article and looking forward to read more…

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