Orthodontics: Make it Count through Fashion!


They say a smile is the key to the lock of everyone’s hearts, and as true as that statement maybe, some of us would rather frown than smile due to insecurities that, more often than not, begin with the teeth.

This is where orthodontics comes in—the sworn savior for those who painlessly suffer from gap-teeth, buckteeth, crooked teeth and, overall, an unnecessary lack of self-confidence. So you make a trip to the orthodontist, go through some inevitable pain, and get braces installed.

Good for you, but now you have a painful metal fence guarding your teeth that almost gives you the resemblance of an impersonator of Jaws from the 70s’ James Bond movie franchise. You sit back and wonder, “Did I just make things worse for myself?”

On the contrary. Granted, wearing braces causes pain, but the best things take time. Before long, you will earn your dream set of perfect teeth.

As for the part where they disfigure your smile, it may surprise you that braces are actually becoming a statement of fashion, whereby fashionistas install false braces on their teeth in order to stay on-trend. So worry not, because fashion has your back. Here are a few ideas as to how you can make your braces a fashion statement.

Just add Colour

Colour exists for the very purpose of terminating plainness and making anything look better, and your braces are not an exception. Most orthodontists offer a wide range of colours for brace brackets, ligature ties and bands. You can always use your freedom of choice to opt for your favorite colours, be creative with types of colour themes, or use colours that compliment your skin tone and your eyes, or even better, make your teeth appear whiter in contrast. These colours could be derived from your favorite areas in art and pop culture, or even a cause you feel supportive of as well.

Keep also in mind that you can change the colour you had chosen for your bands when you get your braces fitted during your next visit to your orthodontist, so don’t hesitate to experiment.

Give Neon Ties a Shot

Neons, while being the colour trend of the decade, come in shades of red, orange, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple and white, and unless you dislike bold, bright coloring emphasizing your braces when you smile, it does not hurt to set neon-coloured ligature ties in place. You do not have to stick to a single neon colour either; you can always mix up your palette and select one color for each tooth, or even mingle neons with regular colours or monochrome.

Season’s Bracings!

Seasonal changes are a great opportunity for you to be creative with the choices of colour for your braces. Colour themes vary with each season: green, red and white are a closely followed colour theme during Christmas, where Halloween flaunts orange, grey and black. The New Year season commonly sticks to black and gold, while purple, green, yellow and turquoise are optimal for Ramadan.

Diversity is Always Good

When it comes to elastomeric ligature ties, diverse shapes and structures are available for you to choose from, covering stars, flowers and smileys, all the way up to Christmas and Halloween symbols, all of which can add particularity and theme to your braces.

Wearing a brace does not sound as exasperating, now, does it?

Or, just make it Almost Disappear

At the end of the day, some of us still “make the mistake of a grin” and wish we do not have a “hideous metal grip” covering our teeth. So where colour cannot solve it, go for opacity. Clear wires, white ligature ties and transparent brackets blend in with the tone of your teeth, creating a near-invisible property in your braces.

Braces are a huge commitment. Until your orthodontist eventually decides that your teeth are properly refined, you will have to live with your braces for months or perhaps even years. If you look at it on the bright side, wearing braces is your temporary opportunity to sport a new, unique fashion accessory that most people simply cannot possess!

By Mischelle Rupasinghe

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