The Paw-fect Gift for the One You Love


It’s that time of year again, night drives on Galle Face are brighter than the stars, Christmas cake is the only scent around by far, but it doesn’t matter if you’re alone, we all know there’s nothing like Christmas at home! Christmas with the family just isn’t complete without this cute creature laying at your feet! There with you, under the table at Christmas dinner, ripping up presents under the tree with the kids, with a Christmas like this, you’re all set! This is Christmas at home with your pets!

Enough with the rhymes. It’s Christmas time! Christmas is one of the most special times of year. It’s all about family, love and light. The time of year when everyone comes together. Including the furry friends of the family. Even if you’re spending this Christmas season without your family, you always have your loving pet, who is family.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And you’re wondering (pun intended) how to spend it with your best pal? Look no more! Here are plenty of ways to spend this festive season with your pets! (Actually just 5 ways) Cooking up some pet-friendly Christmas treats together! There’s plenty of recipes online, just one click away. Run to the kitchen and get baking! (Small tip- pets are also the best taste testers.) Love seeing the holiday sights? Go for a car ride around Colombo! You can take in the gorgeous sights and your fur baby can hang its head out of the window like a dog (literally.) Cuddle on the couch and watch a Christmas movie! Grab the popcorn and those pet snacks you made earlier and curl up with your bestie to feel the festive joy! (PS- this can also be done at any time of the year.) Go on a nice stroll with your pet, taking in the (slightly) cooler air in Colombo. Your pet can get some fresh smells and a walk will certainly help you with all that holiday weight! (Small tip- be sure to take an umbrella, we’re in for a rainy Christmas.) Lastly, treat your pet to a cute dinner date at one (or two) of the many pet-friendly restaurants and cafes around Colombo! Christmas is about treating yourself and those you love. So, go right ahead and make your reservation for dinner for two (or ten depending on the number of pets. More the merrier!)

Looking for the paw-fect gift for the one you love? Nothing will say it better than a best-friend for life. Truly the purr-fect gift! Take it from me, this is one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received! The selection of pets to choose from is massive! Do take a moment to ensure they suit your loved one’s lifestyle. Fish or Hamsters are super low maintenance animals for someone with a busy schedule or with little space for pets! Dogs or Cats (or both!) are ideal for someone who has time and energy to invest into this new family member! Keep in my mind, these animals need a lot more space. My parents gifted me my first dog for Christmas when I was three! Trust me, it was the greatest present ever. Ideal for bringing the family together on countless occasions, making us laugh and overall, being my very best friend. Truly the gift that keeps on giving. Pets are the bests presents for Christmas but let’s be mindful and responsible with our gifting. Everyone deserves a loving home for life! Not just for Christmas.

The most important Christmas gift you’ll buy? One (or twenty) for your pet of course! Your pet deserves nothing but the best and we’ve got the perfect list for you to pick from. A fresh new tank for your pet fish. A brand-new collar for your pet dog/cat. Preferably one with bells! A shiny new running wheel for your hamster! You’re not the only one who needs help with that holiday weight. A cute little pond for your ducks.  So, they can splash about and you can improve your landscaping! A new home for your pet bird. Consider investing in a cute new bird house! Perfect for your bird’s compact lifestyle. No matter what gift you choose, your pets will love it. Because that’s who pets are and that’s why we love them. They don’t complain about your presents. Mostly because they can’t talk, exactly why we love them.

No matter how you celebrate this Christmas, what gifts you give your pets or your family- one thing is for sure. When you find yourself surrounded by the ones you love, especially receiving those licks on the chin, cuddles and kisses, the happiest you’ve been, fulfilling your Christmas wishes- there’s no better way to spend Christmas!


Christmas is a time for people to cherish and having a cat join in on the fun makes everything a lot more special. Cats are very unique and lovable as they contribute a lot to the magic of Christmas with their ability to bring the family even closer. Christmas is all about spending time with the people you love and care about, spending time with your pets during this festive season shouldn’t be any different.

Theekshana Nawinne (17) talking about his cat Blinky.

Even though ducks may be the most unusual pets to have, Daffy and Bob always bring a smile to the family, especially my little sister. Their loud quacks and quick feet always tend to follow us around the house. Can’t wait to spend this Christmas with the two newest members of the fam.

Judah Peter (17) talking about his ducks Daffy and Bob.

Because even though as a dog she can’t talk, just with the personality she has a way of bringing the family together around her. And that’s what it’s all about during Christmas love and family.

Josiah Bulathsinhala (23) talking about this his dog Zarah.

My bunny is going to make my Christmas a thousand times better!!!

Elizabeth Katie Svendsen (11) talking about her bunny Fluffy.

By Shanaya Talayaratne

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