Showering Your Canine Friends with Love


The popular notion that “animals are far better than human beings” may indeed be factual for the majority of us. If you own a dog, you may especially attest to this as you may be aware of a sense of selflessness in the way your canine companions adore you. It’s the truth—for you, it may just be the pet you keep around for loneliness, or the guard you reward with dog treats for warding off unwanted intruders, but for your dog, you are the center of its world.

Granted, some of us give our dogs the love and attention we may as well provide for a child. You have your ways of displaying your love; by copious amounts of hugs, keeping track of its favourite snacks or otherwise– surmise it to say you tend to spend quality time with your pet.

However, if you are new to pet parenthood (as the popularized term in lieu of “pet ownership”), there may be some things you are not aware of. For instance, did you know that your dog, despite how it may react, does not appreciate being hugged? Unlike human beings, dogs may find hugs as more of a threat than a gesture of affection.

So how can you really let your dog know you love him? Read on to find out.

Styling Your Dog

There is a certain pleasure in watching your pooch trot about on its paws, dressed in a sweatshirt or a hat, or be-decked in its custom-made jeans! It looks cute but sometimes, clothes just might not be your dog’s favourite item. Most dogs possess their own coat of hair that generates heat, so adding another layer on top of that might not be a good idea, particularly in a warm climate. Clothes may also leave your pet anxious and under the illusion of being confined. If you do want your furry child to appear snappy in a family picture or a selfie for your Instagram story, stylish dog collars and harnesses are abundantly available for purchase as alternatives. On the other hand, a warm sweater might actually do your thin-haired pet good during cold weather.

The Best Spots to Touch

Just because hugging was eliminated from the list of ways of showing your pet physical affection, that does not indicate there aren’t other options. Dogs are huge fans of belly rubs. Patting your dog on the head or caressing it are the classic ways of communicating appreciation. Try massaging it behind the ears next time. Owing to the release of endorphins, this act of affection is sure to leave your pooch feeling relaxed and elated.

The Right Rewards

When it comes to rewarding, the first option any dog-owner may go for is treating their pooch to sugary titbits, because we know for a fact that sugar is bliss for the soul, though not so for the body. Dogs share the same consequences we do, such as diabetes and obesity, but an excessive amount of treats can actually be even deadlier for your pet than it is for you. This is why rewards should not always have to be food. A quick browse online can introduce you to delightful ideas of gifts to give your pet, including heated pet beds, teepees, dog toys that come in interesting shapes, and even some nice grooming equipment. They may not understand the concept of gift-giving, but your pooch is sure to enjoy whatever you choose to gift.

“The Eyes, Chico. They Never Lie.”

Even as human beings, we rely on a person’s eyes to trust them, or to let them know that we can be trusted. Dogs emulate similar traits. Gazing tenderly into your pooch’s eyes, raising your brow a little while stroking his fur and speaking to it softly is one other way to convey your love for it. Heightened levels of oxytocin would stir relief in your pet, ensuring it that it is safe and you are its trustworthy friend.

Reserving Time

At the end of the day, every creature with a mind and a soul requires attention and love—these are two pieces of the same cloth, and nothing may indicate “attention” to someone than time reserved particularly for them. The primary thing your dog wants and loves to do is spending time with you. If you are a busy person, the best way to show your furry child that you love it, is by allocating a few hours from your schedule for your pet, perhaps to accompany it in the morning and evenings in daily walks, or to go on a bonding road trip with it, or simply, to play with it.

After all, you only get fourteen years at the most with your pet. It’s a tiny frame of time for you to love someone whose entire world revolves around you, so best make it worth their while.

By Rebecca Mischelle

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