Let’s Be Paws-itive


Quarantine can be a challenging time. Although there is plenty to worry and stress about, it’s important to try our best to focus on the paws-itive side of things. Although we are subject to our homes, we don’t have to go through this alone. Since the everyday hustle and bustle may no longer exist, we can ensure our furry friends get the love and attention they could never resist!

One thing quarantine has taught us is why dogs are so desperate to go on walks. Staying indoors is tough for anyone! But it is also the safest place for us to be right now. So why not make it more bearable? We’re here to make sure you make the most out of being at home with your pets!

Concerned about getting your pets the essentials they need? We’ve got you covered! Here are all the places for you to purchase your pet’s necessities from, in the most convenient and safe way possible.

  1. Glomark is offering a wide range of pet supplies including, pet food, grooming, medication and accessories! With the option of store pickup and delivery, Glomark has you sorted! You can thank us later when your energetic furry friend is well distracted with a new chew toy.
  2. is providing your pets essential food items right to your doorstep! All you have to do is check out their website. They promise a speedy delivery service and 100% satisfaction!
  3. Daraz offers a wide selection of pet food and accessories! Quarantine prompting you to get a new pet? Don’t struggle to find them some cute accessories. Daraz has got you covered. Check out their website to find out more!

Now that you’re with your pets 24/7, you should make the most out of it! You could try out teaching them some new tricks, play Frisbee with them, attempt to cook up some dog friendly snacks, (in case you ignored the first part of this article) take long naps and have Netflix marathons! Be sure to check out our Quarantined with pets bingo below! Check off all the things you’ve done with your pets.

Quarantine can be hard on your pets as well! So make sure they are getting the exercise they need! This could help you get the exercise you need as well! So go on walks together or wrestle a little. Make sure your pet remains active and doesn’t get lazy! (same goes for you)

At times like this, we really understand who matters the most, and that will always be the people and pets at home. Enjoy this moment to the fullest. Life has slowed down for us, it’s time to catch up with the ones we love. Whether it’s trying out tik tok trends with your dog or napping together all day, being at home with pets is never lonely or boring. Take the time to enjoy this period, it isn’t every day that you get to be with the ones you love the most.

By Shanaya Talayaratne

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