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Embark celebrates 10 years of ‘Pashionable’ service



Embark a ‘tail’ that is no secret to many, celebrates ten years of compassion and change brought to the life of street dogs and other animals. Within the years Embark has helped over 80,000 dogs. They have rehomed 3, 430 dogs, sterilized 21, 836 dogs, vaccinated 46, 626 dogs and treated 17, 145 dogs. This can be considered a huge achievement for a company that started from scratch in a 20 square feet space.

The Company owned by entrepreneur and Philanthropist Otara Del Gunewardene was inspired by a street dog who she later named Niko. Before his encounter with Otara, Niko was an ordinary street dog left to fend for itself. Otara confesses to simply passing him by during her first encounter. However during her second encounter she made a decision that would change both Niko’s and her life for the better.

Otara has always been a great lover of animals, she is said to have brought home a lion cub and rescued a squirrel at age four. Otara began her journey with Niko with the intention of doing something that can change the living standards of strays in Sri Lanka. She believed it to be a space that has not been explored in terms of charity.

Today the Embark line revolves around three adorable dogs, Niko, Bandit and Rozzy. Bandit and Rozzy entered Otara’s life in an unexpected manner. Bandit being abandoned on Otara’s doorstep was instantly taken into the Embark family. Rozzy ran into her life with Otara on Rosmead place, where she was being stoned by security guards.

These three adorable brand ambassadors have been the inspiration behind many trendy clothing lines produced by Embark. Embark is a blend of fashion and compassion, a mix that is unique in its making. Otara coins the essence of these elements in creating a brand for ‘Pashionable’ people. People with passion who like fashion and who want to spend money contributing to a cause. Since its inception Embark has been offering many lines of ‘pooch’ inspired clothing and accessories

Embark focuses on rescues, adoptions, sterilization, vaccinations, education, campaigning for a more improved policy for Animals Island wide and welfare for street dogs. An area that has not been explored sufficiently but is very much needed.

Otara introduced Adoption day on Valantine’s Day 2008 with the intention of rescuing street dogs and rehoming them in a  safe and lovable place. A few years into her benevolent and innovative scheme she has re homed over 3000 street dogs in ‘forever homes.’

The two recent adoption days that happened in September and October at the good market and Embark headquarters respectively ensured that over 30 dogs were given safe homes.

Embark takes utmost responsibility in ensuring that the dogs receive a safe and comfortable home. Short screening processes of the potential owners are conducted prior to registering. All puppies are vaccinated and female puppies sterilized prior to adoption or otherwise follow ups are done to ensure it happens. Embark also takes it upon themselves to do a routine check-up on the puppies and their owners post adoption.

The vision of Embark being, “a compassionate Sri Lanka where street dogs are valued and receive the love, care and respect they deserve.” It truly echo’s Embark’s ambition of creating a world where humans and animals will co-exist harmoniously.

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