Café for Dogs?


Tayo Bear is a much loved and reputed brand for diverse, yummy, nutritious dog treats and meals grabbing the country by its proverbial tail! Since its launch a little over a year ago Tayo Bear has swiftly become a household name for safe and organic, homemade pet food for k9s in a short span of time. Tayo’s fabulous range of high-quality treats and meals in a variety of flavours has become a staple in every doggy parents’ home now. The impressive and intriguing social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook of Tayo Bear ensures through funny and unique posts that patrons and a legion of clients are kept informed of the latest thanks to engaging and enlightening updates made regularly.

“I’ve been a loyal customer of Tayo bear since Simba’s first birthday. Ever since the first cake I’ve gotten from the lovely adorable doggo lover with her mission to spread love for doggos all around. I simply joined on board. Not to mention the delicious cakes, to cookies which all my doggos fell in love with instantly to the paw soothers (which works like a charm to heal paw cracks). Her recipes along with passion and love for dogs is the winning combo and the goodies won’t disappoint your doggos, instead make them yummy in the tummy wanting more love and treats. I sincerely with all my heart recommend Tayo bear goodies which has been my one stop shop for doggo goodies and treats”, said Thiran Ranatunga, Business partner at RCRMOTOWORLD.

However it’s Tayo Bear’s latest venture which is the talk of the city right now. Your doggies will now have their own exclusive, spacious and fabulous dog café opened on the 1st of October, 2019 at 71/2, Gregory’s Road, Colombo 7. For the first time in Sri Lanka an atmospheric, hangout for every type and tribe of dog will be finally launched where your pooches can mingle and make new friends, celebrate special occasions and birthdays, have a place to spend time while their mistresses and masters are away on errands but mostly at long last have a place that all furry delights can call their own.

Tayo Bear’s Doggy Café launched on the first of October will be the ideal retreat for all furry kids to socialize, spend quality doggy time and enjoy all the Tayo treats and meals while patronizing the café.

Proprietor, founder and doggy mom Shanaz Fouze had this to say when asked why she wanted to open a café exclusively for dogs: “Us doggy parents have always wondered where we could take our doggies… even if they say pet friendly they don’t really allow the kids to actually go inside the space. My goal was to open a fancy place where you can have your dog’s birthday party or your birthday party with your dog or even if you want to leave your doggy for a few hours till you run your errands, your dog can hang out with the other dogs at the café. We have some amazing plans for the cafe but for now I wanted to keep it simple, giving the warmth and environment that I give my own furry kids”.

Tayo Bear continues to innovate the pet industry with unique ideas and special one of a kind ventures and the Doggy Café is right on top. Dog owners be glad, because your best furry friends finally have a haven that’s made just for them.

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