A Valentines to Remember


All around the world, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day full of love. Whether it’s through gifts, words or appreciation or a romantic dinner, Valentine’s day is a special day to express love to each other. For many, this day is a reminder of happy days spent with their loved ones. This Valentine’s day is no exception, something incredibly unique took place this Valentine’s day… Our furry friends got to feel the love as well!

You heard that right! Thanks to the wonderful team at Save a Paw, a whole bunch of dogs from the Charles home were spoiled with love on this special day. The Save a Paw team organized a splendid day of fun for our furry friends. Full of treats, thoughtful hampers, competitions and mostly importantly, love. The brand ambassador and Mrs. Super Model 2019, Mrs. Nilusha Fernanad0 was one of the kind-hearted people who made the time to attend this amazing event and shower the dogs with love! Save a Paw collaborated with Baily dog treats and the Barkery to create a decadent spread of yummy treats and snacks which the furry friends took absolutely no time in devouring!

Save a Paw has always believed that a day full of love such as Valentine’s day isn’t only for humans but for our cheerful furry friends as well. Save a Paw wishes to change the way people see Valentine’s day. It was with this vision, that they created the Love Story competition for Valentine’s day. Launched through their social media, viewers were asked to submit their pets love story and stand a chance to win a delicious hamper from the Barkery! (Cover your pet’s ears to avoid extreme drool as we describe what these hampers consisted of) The hampers were packed to the brim with liver cakes, fish cookies, blueberry cookies and much more! All made with 100% human ingredients.

This Valentine’s day was the most special one for our furry friends. Being loved is a feeling everyone and everything deserves to feel. Thanks to Save a Paw, the dogs of the Charles home were spoiled and truly loved on this special day. These precious dogs deserve to be loved each and every single day, get in touch with Save a Paw to find out how you can ensure they get the love they deserve. We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day, we all know the dogs did!

By Shanaya Talayaratne

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