A Beginner’s Guide to Pets


So, you think you’re ready to become a pet owner? Well you will be as soon as you read this article! Congratulations on your big decision! Your life is about to get 1000x times better, I guarantee! Here are 5 things to consider before getting your new best friend!

  1. Commitment – Pets are here for a good and long time. Dogs and cats can live up to 15 years! Take my word for it, my beagle is sixteen years old and still going strong. That’s a long time to spend together – so make sure you are there for it! If you plan to migrate, move to a smaller space etc… It would be wiser to opt for a pet fish or hamster.


  1. Vaccinations – There are several vaccinations and boosters you will have to take your pet for. It’s important to prioritize these and make sure they get done! Although it could mean several monthly trips to the Veterinarian’s, it’s beyond worth it! Especially if it means our furry buddies are safe.


  1. Costs – Pet cost figures can be in $$$ or even more. Are you able to afford it? The above-mentioned vaccinations, pet food, grooming, toys can all add up to A LOT. You want to make sure you are financially able to give your pet its best life! But don’t worry, pets don’t expect you to gift them Prada or Chanel. The biggest gift you could give your little buddy is a lifetime of love!


  1. Training – If your desired pet is a cat or dog, training is essential! You don’t want chewed up shoes and badly potty training, trust me. So be prepared to either invest in behavioral training or educate yourself enough to train them! It’s a worthy investment and there’s plenty of cool tricks you can teach your pets in the process! Can I have a high 5? – You to your new dog very soon.


  1. Time – Is the 9 to 5 killing you? It’ll kill your pet’s happiness even more. Dogs and cats need a lot of quality time. Going for walks, mid-day cuddles, going to beach – will all make your dog feel the happiest. If your work or studies is time consuming, then less maintenance pets like fish are the better option. But rest assured, there will always be a pet out there that suits you pawfectly!


  1. Love – The last and most important step. Are you ready for the immense amount of unconditional love that’s about to enter your life? Be prepared for the amount of joy this brand-new family member is going to bring into your life! Trust me, this is the best decision you will ever make! So, get ready for the greatest journey, together with your new best friend!

You’re all set for the most magical experience and friendship of your life. A small thought to consider is to adopt not shop! There are plenty of furry friends out there who need you even more than you need them! “Saving one dog won’t change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” – (Karen Davidson) There’s a perfect opportunity for you right around the corner! Head on over to Embark’s Facebook page and await details on the next adoption day!


By Shanaya Talayaratne

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