The Ultimate Clothing Necessity for Men


By wearing a shirt that fits you properly in the neck, sleeves, chest, and stomach you will not only stand out but you will also improve your appearance, irrelevant of your body type. Whether you have a stout stomach or upper body or whether you brandish a lean muscular stature, a shirt has to fit just right, not loose not tight. Since the variety of shirts are countless, take time to choose the correct shirt.

Next step would be to determine a suitable color, a shirt’s color is the first thing we notice. It should match your skin tone, time of day, occasion or place. What you wear will always be a representation of who you are, most people will settle in for a gifted shirt or something off the rack. My advice is, don’t be naïve, since you are in it, make sure your best is out, don’t settle for anything less.

White is the most common shirt color, it matches almost anywhere and time. It also represents cleanliness, wealth and of course many other things. All in all it means it’s the safest color to go by. Blues and Greens step in as a secondary color but dominate the shirt industry with a huge popularity. Pink, gold, lavender have also joined in with the cowboys.  The other colors make great accents, and the dark colors, especially black is often overlooked; make it your main option to choose the best colors that fit you, and only you.

Solid shirts are elegant as well as sophisticated. Using different weave textures give out a luxury finish hence elevating the value and look of the wearer. Solids colored shirts also act differently to fabrics. Cottons and poplins give out separate feeling and look. Focus attention to the design, sleeves, neck, and overall pattern and of course more to the face.

When stripes are introduced to the plain shirt it creates an optical illusion that the wearer is thinner and leaner, which is an added advantage for many. It is a favorable and popular selection among men today. Checked shirts have also grown in popularity in the recent years but holds back as being fashionable since its mixture of color will determine casual wear and gives out a relaxed cultured look. It is also complex when its checked because, its color combination and check size changes the attitude of the wearer drastically, making it a sophisticated fashion statement. Making it the most casual pattern, it is the busiest pattern and the one least seen on readymade shirts.


There is no difference in quality in fashion when you compare cotton from blends, but if you are in an air conditioned environment with ties, and cufflinks I think you would do better with blend and they are less expensive than the cottons. On the other hand, if you are a traveler, out in the sun, it would be preferable to wear cottons. Though a wee bit expensive than the blends you will recover that in the long run. They handle humidity, sweat and heat well, perfect for our weather. For those who have trouble ironing shirts, starch is a very useful tool, of course you can get the laundry to do it too.

When choosing your shirt, make sure you give attention to sleeves, collar, the buttons, the cut, and the pleats on the back. Do not be satisfied with the neck size and the color. Detailing on your shirt goes a long way. We are blessed with a lot of good shirt manufacturers, who have come out with some unbelievable designs. Use these resources and spend a little time when selecting clothes. As men, we have a tendency to walk in and walk out as soon as possible with our requirement in hand, which is a bummer. The way you look is direct assessment to who you are, so choose the best every time.

By: Eranga

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