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Seductive Fragrance for your Man


Smell is character, one of the five senses that we use to communicate and identify, people. So by all means it is very important that we wear the proper fragrance that suits our body. Each fragrance reacts with the skin and gives out a slightly different odor. Hunting for a perfect smell is tough so I recommend that men create their own signature after a bit of research and stick with a set of preferred brands. Your fragrance will give confidence, and revives your senses, and your presence will be felt.

After 4000 years of research we have built up a bit of etiquette on how men should wear perfume, just like wearing your boxes backwards, you will be uncomfortable, there will be “something’s off” kinda feeling all the time with the wrong fragrance, so guys let’s look into getting you that perfect, perfect fragrance!

First you should know the difference between a fragrance and cologne, while both liquids have been made fairly from the same ingredients; fragrances have higher concentration of smell, lasts longer, up to seven to eight hours and also much more expensive than cologne, which lasts somewhere between two to three hours. Cologne is good for regular use, for lesser impact. Created in Cologne, Germany in the 1700’s it was a major hit with the Royals at that time and still has popularity. If you are looking for something stronger, longer lasting, more exquisite and sensual go for the perfumes. Also, “Eau de” meaning is a term used to describe diluted versions of perfume or cologne.

Take your time when you are fragrance hunting, go during a morning or after a workout and relaxed, so your sense of smell is at its peak. Pick the fragrance you prefer the most, by using a piece of paper, then apply a bit on a wrist, or the inner elbow and wait for five to ten minutes and check again if still feels good take it. When buying a perfume make sure that you leave the poignant sensual ones for parties and late excursion and wear something subtle for the day, to office or a simpler gathering.

Your perfume is a weapon of seduction, that should be applied in so that your presence will only be felt around you, basically an area of about five feet radius, if you over do it, it will be like Hiroshima in the house, women have very sensitive nasal receptors so watch yourself. Get used to a basic two or three body sprays (about 6” away from the body to avoid a concentration) or dab a little on each wrist, behind the neck and inner elbow. Don’t overdo it by putting it on places you think she might smell later, it is a major turn down if she feels that you are trying to hide the smell. Don’t spray on clothes, it ruins the fabric as well as keeps the fragrance from reacting with your skin and giving out that special blend of your own scent. The body’s natural pheromones mixed with the perfume are essential when it comes to heightening sensuality, sending loads of likes to the feminine brain! Never try to cover up body odour with a Fragrance, the reaction could be deadly for the date, use a deodorant instead.

There are some great fragrances for men out there, some high on musk and pheromones, so hunt well. Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Escape by Calvin Kline, Reaction by Kenneth Cole, One Million Intense by Paco Rabanne, Liquid Trust, Opium are some of the favorites. That does not mean that the more expensive or popular brands are the best because popularity changes, go for the best that you like. You will rule once you find your fragrance!

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