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With the rapid change in fashion and trends, everyone prefers wearing stylish and in-trend clothes. This applies not only to adults but also on children. Kids are not just kids; they hold a special place in our heart. They’re unique, genuine, authentic and themselves in their own way. They have twinkles in their eyes, scrapes on their knees, and hearts on their sleeves. Every day is full of real experiences. Tiny steps, big wins, small successes, little lessons and new learning’s. Shazeela Fahmy, the Founder of Bratz & Bandz talks to Elegant about her handmade accessories. She’s a mother of three beautiful kids, former preschool educator who turned into an entrepreneur. All mothers love to dress their little ones in adorable clothes. One important accessory for their attire is children’s headbands. Accessories are almost a signature part of kids outfits and makes everything better.

Bratz & Bandz excel at kids hair ornaments, bows ties, flower crowns and felt flora’s. Shazeela keeps innovating with new products and designs. According to her, any craft become a masterpiece when it’s crafted from the heart. Expanding her interest in felt flowers by introducing her own brand Bratz & Bandz. There headbands come in various colour and designs, each one very adorable and cute. The kids’ headbands add an element of adorableness to the attire. From everyday attires to special events, these accessories make your child look wonderful every time. The online store became sensational within few months of being introduced to the online market. We had a conversation with Shazeela about the brand and her product range.

Who inspired you to start Bratz & Bandz and how did it all begin?

My children inspired me to start Bratz & Bandz. Like all the mothers I wanted to adorn my two beautiful daughters with hair accessories and I would go from store to store looking for perfectly matching accessories. I had created a picture in my mind but failed to find it, this triggered me to put my ideas into drawings and make the accessories myself. I decided to put up my work on social media in hopes of helping out mothers in my dilemma and soon it was a hit amongst my friends and family. That’s how the journey of Bratz & Bandz started. With the encouragement from my family, supportive husband and enthusiastic customers; for all of who I am grateful for to become successful.

How long have you been practising handcrafts?

I have been handcrafting for eight years and I am sure I will be for many years to come, as I enjoy it!

As a designer, from where do you draw your inspiration?

It’s from my mother in law’s colourful garden. Where, I draw most of my inspiration from. Since my work is mostly flowers. I always draw inspiration from natural flora. From the flower and stamen; to every tiny detail of it.

What are some of the handmade ranges that you offer?

Floral tiaras, headbands, hairclips, floral sashes, corsages, flower bouquets, boutonnieres, bows, glittered bows; the list goes on. I am always trying my hands on something new.

What makes your handwork individual?

What I believe is a handmade item cannot be duplicated. No two handmade flowers are exactly alike. Variations in colour, shading, texture, technique shape and grain are inherent in the handmade item. So every single piece is one of a kind. This means that each and every handmade item you purchase is also one of a kind.

What’s the most complex design you have done so far?

When I start a new design I face challenges and practice to perfect it. Some designs take longer to complete. Due, to the intricate work that goes into it. Since, I work on felt fabric I have started to make it more realistic by using different techniques. I’m working on something new and I will reveal it in near future. I am very confident that my customers will be thrilled about it.

What does a striking headband mean to you?

A head band gives an elegant touch to any outfit. Our range goes from casual chick to elegant and classy. We have headbands for every occasion. I take pride in my work and satisfying my customer’s wants.

What’s in store for the future?

I am currently working on a new range of designs which will be released this year.

By Fathima Musheen

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