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The Latest Chinese Architectural Marvel – Nishan Holy Land


One of the oldest civilizations in the world, the Chinese civilization has played a vital role in enriching the world with art, culture and ancient technology. Ancient Chinese marvels range from the Great Wall, White Horse Temple, Mogao Caves to Summer Palace and the Forbidden City. Chinese architecture is famous for its unique design and style that consists mainly of wooden carvings and paintings. Throughout the years china has created many architectural wonders that depict the Chinese culture and philosophy. One such architectural design that pays tribute to the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, is Nishan Holy Land.

The philosophy of Confucius, also known as Confucianism, describes about personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity. His teaching still impacts the Chinese people and the Chinese culture. Confucius remains a legend in China and continues to influence and shape the lives of the people.

Many statues have been erected throughout China in commemoration of this great philosopher who has helped to pave the way for the harmony of the Chinese culture and success of the Chinese people. Taking the level of respect and admiration for this philosopher up a notch, the Chinese government has taken steps to build a cultural heritage called Nishan Holy Land, at the birthplace of Confucius, to commemorate the philosopher.

Known as the “Holy Land”, Nishan, in Qufu city, Shandong province, has been designated a 35-sq-km area around the city to serve as a commemoration site for Confucius. Covering a core area of eight square kilometers, Nishan Holy Land includes the Confucius Cave – the birthplace of Confucius, Nishan Confucian Temple, Luyuan village and the Gengdu Academy. The core of this project is to construct a holiday resort of culture, civilization of sages and a world class cultural tourism destination including sightseeing, cultural experience, lecture and intellectual enlightenment, and education and training.

Nishan Holy Land which concluded its construction in 2018 also includes the tallest statue of Confucius which is 72meters in height and the Confucius Hall, featuring various halls, auditoriums and cultural spaces themed around Confucian ethical concepts and practices. The Confucian Hall consisting of a 70,000 sq-m construction site has a Great Guest Hall, Step Hall, 72 Wise disciples Porch, Etiquette Hall, Righteousness Hall, Benevolence Hall, Intelligence Hall, Faith Hall, Ceremonial Rites and Music Hall, lecture rooms, performance rooms, etc. The building also includes masterpieces of classical literature in China, Chinese traditional culture and contemporary cultural achievements of China. Having a majestic appearance with characteristics of primitiveness and simplicity, the design is an integration of Confucian intelligence and modern architecture.

A Confucius Cultural Exchange Center and an International Cultural Academy are also incorporated into this cultural complex of buildings. The Confucius Farming-Studying Academy, lying in the North Slope of Mt. Nishan, is surrounded by beautiful mountains and a sea of water, with paths crisscrossed in the fields. Built with the aim of creating a tour resort and a resort of civilization of sages, this complex structure is mostly geared to meet the needs of Non-Chinese countries and overseas Chinese people.

Nishan Holy Land has marked its place in the world and has become a renowned cultural destination by hosting several major events in the country. The Confucius academic pavilion complex has hosted the 4th Nishan Forum on World Civilizations and the 8th World Confucian Conference and is looking forward to facilitating more international events.

Nestled in the Nishan Mountains with an ingenious landscape pattern, Nishan Holy Land provides an enchanting site. Although the major part of the project is completed, few minor parts such as tourist service center, parking lots and other service facilities are still being constructed to further facilitate the tourists coming to the area. Nishan Holy Land is not only an architectural marvel and the latest tourist attraction in China, but also a cultural base to experience and learn about Chinese culture and Confucianism.

By Sunali Fernando

Pics By: Sunali Fernando and China Daily

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