Remarkable Closets in the World that Exist on another Level


For those of us who are classified as the “average person”, a closet is merely a single, built-in wardrobe generally consisting of no more than five doors. The purpose of a wardrobe is simply an organized storage space for clothes, and it comes with the limit of what we can afford.

Hence it is fair that some would be surprised when they hear of the over-the-top, luxurious manner in which some people treat their closets. Of course, these are the ultra-rich people that usually reside in more than one multi-million dollar mansion during a single lifetime, but even out of the richest of people, those that turn house-sized compartments into closets of extravagance are only within the count of a handful.

Theresa Roemer’s Three-Storey Closet

Spanning over 3,000-square feet, former bodybuilder, Miss Texas winner and philanthropist Theresa Roemer’s closet is principally a three-storey shelter for designer wear. The top floor holds a collection of furs and hats. Clothes and shoes—inclusive of 75 pairs of Louboutins—comprise the second floor, besides a professional-style salon space and a champagne bar equipped with the requirements for partying. 60 Hermés handbags, among other accessories and jewellery, take up the first floor. The closet is inspired by the luxury brand Neiman Marcus, which Roemer confirmed, saying that her closet was made “to look like you were walking into a miniature Neiman Marcus boutique.” “Miniature”, however, would be a huge understatement.

Roemer, the wife of an affluent oilman, is at work on supporting charities and raising funds for non-profits with the aid of the world’s largest closet, which belongs entirely to her.

Celine Dion’s Closet

Besides owning a warehouse that shelters her ten thousand pairs of shoes, the My Heart Will Go On singer claims to have an automatized closet system—similar to that of Cher Horowitz from the movie Clueless—in Florida. The carousel-style closet is organized by colour, and the computer system responds to the choices of colour she feeds to it by rotating the closet until the ordered clothes appear before her.

While it contains separate areas for dresses, dry-cleaning and jewellery, a majority of the fingerprint-protected space is dedicated for the additional 3,000 pairs of shoes owned by Dion, with one wing being capable of holding 586 pairs of shoes.

St. Moritz House Closet

A $185 million mansion that used to be the most expensive house for sale in St. Moritz, Switzerland, consists of seven levels and is partly located underground.

This epitome of ultimate luxury possesses a master suite with a walk-in closet which can be only be revealed once the walls are slid back. 24-karat gold had been used to cover the walls of this elongated closet.

One House, Two Closets

A glamourous, $20 million mansion for sale on the Sundara Estate in Florida is worthy to be titled as the ultimate dream house.

The gigantic mansion comes with two enviable closets: one for “Him” and one for “Her.” The “Him” closet is stacked with Mitchell & Ness jerseys and a collection of Nike Air Jordans worth up to $100,000. The design seen in the closet for “Her” is inspired by Chanel boutiques, and is complete with clothes, bags and perfumes of the brand, along with ladders for further convenience.

By Mischelle Rupasinghe

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