Household Products that Exist only to Make Life a Cakewalk


It’s always the little things that seem to cause annoyance —essential lost items, cold lunches, frozen food that you forgot to take out of the freezer the previous night, you name it. These common, basic struggles are rarely addressed, therefore, ignored and endured.

However, every single problem comes with a hidden flip side that has a solution written all over it, and the good news is, the world is so developed that even the mildest irritants have their opponents, and the list ahead contains several creative products that are sure to attest to the fact that life, indeed, can be a cakewalk if you need it to be.

Headrest Hangers

An overfilled grocery bag or any bag that gives you the anxiety of its contents being spilled out is a nuisance on its own. But these $8 (LKR 1,600 without the shipment cost) IPELY Universal car seat hangers available on Amazon claim to hold upto eight pounds of weight, and can be easily fixed onto the passenger or driver seat headrests in your car.

The “Tile Mate”

A lost phone can instantly be located in the house with the aid of a second phone, and so can other most electronic gadgets. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said about your wallet, your reading glasses, your car keys or your corded earplugs. This is where Tile Mate comes in. This marvellous, water-resistant electronic gadget can be attached to any belonging, which can then be tracked or located by bluetooth and the relevant smartphone app, as long as it lies anywhere within a 76m radius. Unlike its battery, the gadget can be replaced when its 3-year warranty exceeds, and is available for $24.99 (LKR 5,000 without the shipment cost) on

Defrosting Tray

Nothing furthers the frustration of a busy and/or exhausting day than frozen food you were hoping to cook—either for the day or at the end of the day—being left in the freezer, deprived of the time it generally required to defrost, which could be hours that you cannot afford to spare. Simply employ the $18 (LKR 3600 without the shipment cost) FORIOUS Fast Defrosting Tray available on Amazon. This is an extremely safe equipment that is easy to clean, time-saving and comes with a bonus feature where you have the freedom to use it as a barbecue grill.

Heatable Lunchbox

Everyone deserves a nice, warm meal during lunch break at work, on the road, or campus, not to mention that hot food is easier to digest. The access to a hot, homemade meal in the instances stated above was nearly impossible until this $25.99 (LKR 5220 without the shipment cost) Yescom Heated Electric Lunchbox was invented. This item, while arriving with a office/home plug and a car plug, is additionally inclusive of a small, separate box, a fork and a spoon, and a thermal bag that helps with retaining warmth.

Laser-Guided Scissors

The last time you failed to cut anything in a straight line would indeed have been the last time you made that mistake if you decide to purchase this pair of scissors that casts a linear laser beam along the direction you intend to cut through. This favorable invention can be purchased on Amazon for only $12.99 (LKR 2600 without the shipment cost), and you can rest assured you made the right purchase in the first use.

Lightweight Windproof Umbrella

Umbrellas are a necessity at the time being given the unpredictable proceedings of the wind and the rain. But when it comes to safety, a regular umbrella can scarcely be counted upon. That was why, when M&M² created this splendid umbrella, they made certain that it was windproof and lightweight. The fact that it consists of an automatic open-and-close feature is simply a bonus given the LED flashlight fixated to its base, which makes this $33.99 (LKR 6815 without the shipment cost) item ideal for pedestrians who travel after dark.

By Mischelle Rupasinghe

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