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ODEL Home Bridal Registry bound to add worth to wedding season


A beautiful home is a happy home and one that reflects how its residents feel and live their lives, be it with family or on your own. Over the years, the concept of changing the look and feel of your home’s interior has grown to such an extent that an entire industry now thrives on this concept and nowadays, most Sri Lankans have got themselves accustomed to the fact that adding that little bit of oomph to your home’s interior always goes a long way. So now, it starts with more than just painting your home’s exterior and interior and fixing your roof!

This would either be based on how you incorporate different fixtures and fittings on to the walls of your home, the interior decor, the wallpaper, or even just the linen on your bed. It really does bring a lot of change with that added quality and colour. After all, we all look forward to come back to our own little private space no matter how many people we live with under the same roof. Hence, it goes without saying that paying attention to detail and transforming our spaces to suit our personality and individual tastes is greatly rewarding.

When we speak about planning out how you would like your home’s interior to look like, the kind of people who might look very deep into this aspect as freshers would no doubt be newlyweds. Fret not as there is a silver lining, and this comes in the form of ODEL’s Bridal Registry. To us, this sounds as realistic and logical as can be when it comes to getting ready for your big day.

Why? Here’s why. ODEL encourages couples who look forward to their big day to come and register their wedding at least three months prior to the date. The couple would then be given the opportunity to make a selection and prepare a list of products that they would like to have purchased from ODEL Home.

Upon selection, ODEL would then produce individual coupons listing the prospective products which the couple would like to have so as to make it easier as a possible gift option for their invitees to go for, after they receive the invitation for the wedding. These coupons would be added together with the invitations for the wedding guests. Prior to the wedding, the guests can visit the department, produce the coupon and decide what to buy as a gift for the couple from the list.

If you plan to get married and want to dodge a feeling of what your guests might give you and your other half as a gift, then you can solve that lingering issue with this simple wedding solution. The same goes the other way round. Your guest will have no qualms about what gift to get for the couple as they would now know that they have a list to choose from and it would be something that would end up being useful for the couple, without it ending up hidden away in a cabinet somewhere. Piece of cake! (or shall we say wedding cake?) Apart from that, they also have another simple option of purchasing wedding gift vouchers available in LKR 2500, LKR 5000 and LKR 10,000.

Coming back to the ideal of accessorizing, ODEL’s Home department is your go-to destination for interior accents allowing you to select a special something that would adorn your lounge area, bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom. With their array of high-quality latest products on display at their flagship store down Alexandra Place, one can never go wrong with the choices they have on display.

Located on the first floor of ODEL right opposite the bookstore, you will find a haven of colour, ceramics, fabric and steel all moulded into different products and components that is guaranteed to get your sights wandering to every nook and corner of that space. From vases to cushions and candle stands to souvenirs, kitchenware, living ware and glassware, you will find a display of every significant little piece of home accessory ideal for a contemporary household.

Amongst the international brand names that the Home and Decor department flaunts are Pasabahce’, Bormioli Rocco and Ocean for glassware, Tramontina and Westmark for kitchen accessories and Piumina and Maishaa for bedlinen to name just a few. Dankotuwa ceramic products as the local brand are also entertained here. You can also find some of the trendiest looking storing chests out there, mark these words! They look spacious enough and easy to transport, which is a plus point.

Not only these but many of the products that you will find here have been especially manufactured for ODEL and imported from countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam. This includes bed linen, towels and latex pillows. Bedside drawers found here look so cute and inviting and if you are one for hip looking furniture pieces, then this section will not disappoint.

Also, another little product you can check out is the Aniva Portable Charcoal BBQ Set. This one looks handy enough you can transport it around easily and would be ideal for a family picnic outing, to the beach or even better, camping. It is corrosion-resistant and does everything that a mean old classic BBQ machine would do, except it’s smaller in size. This one is worth a check!

Simply, walking into this department gives you a feeling of creativity and inquisitiveness. How we adorn our home or room only reflects on our personality and how we perceive ourselves to others in a way. It resembles us individuals being portrayed as a framed picture on a wall or even a lampshade on our bedside. So, get creative once in a while and if you want to get started, ODEL would no doubt have you covered.

Text By: Sara Pathirana

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