designer wedding show 2017

The Designer Wedding Show 2017


designer wedding show 2017

The ‘Designer Wedding Show 2017’ was the epitome of glamour as the crème de la crème of the fashion world gathered to showcase the brilliant designs on the 28th of November at Colombo’s grandest location, the Shangri-La Hotel.

The majestic grandeur of the hotel be fit the impressive event which began with a sultry dance act choreographed by the prima donna, Kanthi Ranchigoda. This was followed by the alluring bridal designs by the celebrated queen of fashion, Ramani Fernando and the equally fabulous Aslam Hussain. This writer was enthralled by the shimmering design which had a vintage touch to it and spoke volumes in terms of style. The models walked the ramp as the world renowned De Lanerolle Brothers (DLB) serenaded us with a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York’.

Next in line, were the internationally acclaimed specialists in menswear, Hameedia’s displaying the designs for the groom as the models strutted to DLB’s ‘Burning Love’.

Colombo’s glitterati were privy to the most magnificent designer show of the year and the expanse of the grand ballroom created the feel of being in an international fashion show. The designs of Yolande with its allure to a mythical Greek or Roman Goddess was creativity par excellence. This was followed by the contemporary designs of the traditional Kandyan brides by the multi-faceted Dr. PremShri who has contributed much to the enhancement of the bridal industry through years of sharing his knowledge among the hoi polloi. Thereafter, Sri Lanka’s eclectic fashion design maestro, Micheal Wijesuriya wowed us with his inspirational designs which were meant for brides or those who wish to make a fashion statement, the designs were poetry in motion, an intertwining of lace, vintage, silk and more … much… much more.

The show flowed without an interruption to the next segment which featured the famous Cheryl Gooneratne’s flair for enhancing the natural beauty of each bride through her talent for hair and make-up. Subsequently, the traditional concepts were further elaborated through designs by the much sought – after bridal wear designer, Dhananjaya Bandara. The beautiful bridal Sarees of Sarita Textorium were displayed through Sumudu Kumarasiri’s designs which was followed by the fashionable hair and make- up displays by Ramzi Rahman; a gentleman with an impressive style record spanning 40 years or more.

Thusitha Ethugala, who hails from Kandy showcased his unique styles which were enmeshed in tradition and culture, which led to P. V. S. Jayarathna’s elaborate ‘muledum’ worn by Kandyan kings of yore and the Kandyan bridegrooms of today. This was closely followed by designs by the versatile Nayana Karunarathne, Sumudu Wasantha, Romesh Atapattu and Charith Wijesekera.

The highlight of the event was the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ conferred to Lou Ching Wong who is one of the most innovative designers cum choreographers in Sri Lanka. Brandishing a flamboyant style on par with global designers, Lou Ching Wong never fails to mesmerize.

The winners of the raffle draw were given amazing gifts and the grand finale was the daring, yet seductively tasteful fashion show by Amanté, displaying their newest range in lingerie. The show was further augmented by the talented DLB duo who sang the best of the 60’s and 70’s and compeers Danu and Sonali.

By Rochelle PalipaneGunaratne

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