The Jewel of the Body – Eyes


“The eye is the jewel of the body” and it’s an apt image more than any other feature. Your eyes are capable of expressing a multitude of emotions eye makeup whether natural, shimmery, deep or dramatic only enhances that ability once you know how to apply it you can make almost any statement you want however subtle or strong.

In additional to telegraphing feelings, eyebrows frame the face and create clear bond dries for eye makeup. Which is why keeping them well-groomed is so important. The cleaner and more artfully shaped they are the more open uplifted and symmetrical your face looks in fact many makeup artists assert that if your brow is in great shape. You need almost no other makeup to look polished and pulled together.

If you prefer to leave your brows in the hands of a professional you’ll need to decide which method of hair removal you’d like to try and be sure to ask around for an aesthetician with a good eye before you make your final choice.


Whether you want your brows to be thin and delicate or full and more natural looking one of these shaping techniques all alternatives to mind the thinner the brow, the more maintenance it requires.

WAXING: – Hot or cold wax is spread over stray hairs above and below the brow line and pulled off in one quick ripping motion (in the opposite direction of hair growth)

THREADING: – A strand of 100% cotton thread which is twisted and pulled along a row of unwanted hair. Removing multiple hairs from the roots at once.

ELECTROLYSIS: – An esthetician inserts a needle with an electric current running through it into one follicle at a time to zap it and prevent further growth. because hair grows in stages and because a follicle can only be destroyed during the active growth or anagen stage, multiple sessions are required for permanent removal.


Plucking is a precise art that requires a bit of geometry, a sense of proportion. and the right tools which is why so many women are afraid to tweeze. Believe it or not, practice does make perfect here’s how to go from fuzzy to sleek in six user-friendly steps.

STEP ONE: – Trim random extra-long hairs use a round brow brush to brush brow hairs straight up with brow scissors. trim any hairs that extend above the natural brow shape brush brows straight down and trim hairs that extend below it.

STEP TWO: – Determine the inner edge of the brow place a brow pencil vertically along the right side of your nose. flush against your face where it hits your brow is where the inside starting point of your brow should be mark this spot with the pencil and repeat on your left side.

STEP THREE: – Locate the outer edge of your brow. Hold the bottom of the pencil at the center of your bottom lip.

Aligning the top of the pencil with the outer corner of your right eye where the inside edge of the pencil hits your brow is where it should end. mark the spot with the pencil and repeat this step on your left side.

STEP FOUR: – Find your arch. hold the base of the pencil at the center of your lips and angle it until the inside edge aligns with the outer edge of your iris the highest point of the arch should be where the inside edge of the pencil meets your brow.

STEP FIVE: – Sketch in the shape using a brow powder on a soft round brush lightly sketch in your ideal eyebrow silhouette based on the points you determined in the previous steps. use a white pencil or a concealer stick to mark any stray brow hairs that fall outside of the determined parameters.

STEP SIX: – Tweeze the stray hairs that you’ve covered with white pencil or concealer pull skin taut and tweeze hairs in the direction of hair growth. Don’t rush move back and forth between brows every few hairs and step back often to look at your whole face. Tweeze newly sprung stray hairs every few days.

By Shashinika Senadeera

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