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Speaking of aromas and healthy, hydrated skin more often than not leads to the same topic which is the name of one’s favorite cosmetic brand. Bath and Body Works had acquired that title for many years, ever since the brand originated in Ohio, USA in 1990, achieving a loyal fan base that had accumulated over the years.

Their top-notch products diversify from body care to home fragrance, and something about them salutes the concept of home, relaxation, and a theme of cottage-core. Surmise it to say, Bath and Body Works touches the core of the heart.

In regard to this, what follows is an assortment of the highly-rated products the brand modestly retails in, accompanied with generous offers and discounts, as is customary for Bath and Body Works.

Bath and Body Works “Sunshine Mimosa” Mini Perfume Spray

This 7ml bottle of bliss is composed of fine, dermatologist-tested ingredients and fragrance oils, possessing the fragrance of champagne and sweet citrus. Available in the market for $12.50 (LKR 2,492.51), the Sunshine Mimosa perfume spray addresses the perfect combination of summer and fall.

Bath and Body Works “Flannel” 3-Wick Candle

“Flannel” flavors the homely air with its decent aroma of fresh bergamot and heirloom mahogany, coupled with soft musk and natural essential oils, creating the atmosphere of a crisp evening in autumn in a compartment. This 411g 3-wick candle is worth its $24.50 (LKR 4,885.32) price, and the shadows casted by the designs on its cover are a magnanimous bonus.

Bath and Body Works “Eucalyptus Spearmint” Plug-In Diffuser Refill

Similarly to its product mentioned previously, Bath and Body Works’ plug-in diffusers—commonly known as “wallflowers” is in accordance with how the brand refers to them—are a treat to the olfactory sense. The 24ml “Eucalyptus Spearmint” for instance, fabricated from eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils, is particularly created for stress relief and sold for $7.50 (LKR 1,495.51) on the market.

Bath and Body Works “Cotton and Freesia” Foaming Hand Soap

Softening shea extract, aloe, natural essential oils and vitamin E comprise this 259ml, $7.50 (LKR 1,495.51) hand soap, working in unison with the scent of jasmine, cotton and woods in order to provide a clean smell and moisturizing, anti-bacterial protection.

Bath and Body Works “Teakwood” Ultimate Hydration Men’s Body Cream

Issuing a mahogany, lavender and black teakwood blend through its scent, this $15.50 (LKR 3,090.71) body cream promises 24-hour hydration plus velvety skin texture, on account of the use of hyaluronic acid among other premium ingredients to supply hydration via its water-absorbant property, which sustains the moisture on the skin.

Bath and Body Works “Warm Vanilla Sugar” PocketBac Hand Sanitizer

It goes without saying that hand sanitizers are, at the time being, an essential product. Hand sanitizers contain alcohol, which is irritatingly evident in the smells of the majority of hand sanitizers. Bath and Body Works steps out of the box in regards to this, and the “Warm Vanilla Sugar” version is only a single example out of its wide range of sweet-smelling hand sanitizers, available as a 5-pack for $8.00 (LKR 1,595.21) in 29ml pocket-sized containers. The product contains sugar crystals and the scent of creamy vanilla and is manufactured including skin-friendly, moisturizing and germ-repellant ingredients.

By Mischelle Rupasinghe

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