Nails by Lucky Susil Set to Dazzle Your Fingertips


Everyone who is in awe of everything to do with the beauty industry no doubt wouldn’t miss out on the latest fads and styles of the nail world as well. The modern Sri Lankan woman of today knows what she wants and how to access it. With Colombo in particular having spawned a number of outlets that offer nail art related services in abundance, one individual stands out particularly and went ahead and launched his own venture, Nails by Lucky Susil. The nail salon is located at the Tony & Guy salon premises at Ward Place.

“My love for the beauty industry initially began after a close friend of mine launched a salon here in Sri Lanka in the very initial days. From then on, I too felt like giving beauty culture a try and the rest was history. Moving forward, I was able to move abroad, where I started working in the Maldives. My exposure outside Sri Lanka gave me the opportunity to work in many other countries which include India, Dubai and Qatar to name a few,” Lucky comments.

Today, Lucky Susil can be signified as a veteran in the field, with a career spanning 19 years and counting, as a Nail Technician and an overall Nail Master. He is proficient in all aspects of beauty culture, but he emphasizes that nail art is really what he’s most passionate about as it also allows for his creative side to shine through. Eventually, he went to Thailand in the hopes of honing his skills in Nail Art and had completed every relevant course attainable in the art of nails. He also shows great dedication in staying updated about the world of nail art and annually attends workshops and exhibitions such as ExCel London, which is a three-day event and one which he never misses.

He has also participated at competitions such as the OMC Hairworld Competition, which is the largest organization in the world that offers professionals in haircare and hairstyling from all five continents to rendezvous under one platform and compete in their respective disciplines, which comprises of hair, aesthetics and of course, nail, which is the segment that Lucky partakes in. He last attended the Hairworld Competition in 2014 which took place in Germany, which he disclosed as a great experience. This year, he is looking forward to attending the ExCel London event which is scheduled in October.

Lucky’s first job was at the TransAsia Hotel which today, is the Cinnamon Lakeside, and he had worked as a Nail Technician for 7 years, before moving on to work for Gerald Solomon at Chagall, for close to ten years. He disclosed that he always had a dream of venturing out on his own and when the management at Tony & Guy got in touch and relayed to him with the idea to expand with them, he felt it was timely and so, decided to set up shop at the salon in Ward Place.

In line with this, he is also working on establishing a Nail Academy under his name and provide aspiring nail technicians an opportunity to learn from him and become established in the field.

Lucky Susil has definitely been lucky enough to work on some famous hands, one of them even being our very own Bollywood siren, Jacqueline Fernandez who is a client. He is a celebrity nail technician and regularly has a famous face that pops in now and then for a nail do. Another thing that he and his team revels on is the customer service and the ambiance of the place which is pleasing to the eye as well as the senses.

When asked what the current trend is amongst today’s youth, Lucky says that neon colours and the dip powder manicure are go-to choices for many who drop by his salon for a makeover.

Text – Sara Pathirana

Photography By: Ramesh Lakshan

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