Enhancing the Natural Beauty – Be Bridez by Chami Dissanayake


Love of beauty is taste…. The creation of beauty is art – Ralph Waldo Emerson

From time immemorial, women have embraced the idea of beautifying themselves – Cleopatra is famous for her milk baths while Queen Esther in the Bible is said to have been treated to a series of luxurious year-long beauty enhancement procedures prior to entering into the boudoir of King Ahaseurus. In our very own ancient records, our ladies, from royalty to peasants are said to have undergone beauty regimes in order to make themselves more attractive.

Beauty is skin deep

“Beauty is skin deep,” is a phrase which rings true but that is not an excuse for neglecting one’s outward appearance which when given the proper care, can bolster one’s confidence levels and if done for the right reasons is cause for self-satisfaction, health, hygiene and longevity,” enthused Chami Dissanayake, one of the leading makeup artists for “Natural Makeup” in Sri Lanka. She is also the brainchild and co-Founder of Be Bridez – a luxuriant bridal and makeup brand which provides the scope of bridal care from the bridal trousseau to the makeup for every occasion such as the engagement, wedding, going away and home coming. The brand will also provide a comprehensive range of make-up for press shoots and other events. It will also be instrumental in organizing international workshops related to fashion and beauty. On par with international standards, Be Bridez appeals to the foreign clientele who wish tie the knot in a paradise isle, as the array of services provided makes their nuptials much more memorable.

Chami is renowned for her innate flair for enhancing the natural beauty of her ever-growing clientele, which span the island in addition to her overseas clients who have been drawn to her easy-going, obliging attitude and expertise.

She has been known among her family circle as the beauty expert, as she would be patiently coiffuring the hair of her siblings, aunts and extended family and friends as a hobby from the time she can remember and after receiving a gift of a make-up set, there was no stopping her, as it opened an avenue for experimenting with shades, colours and other factors which would enhance the beauty in her circle of friends and family.

“I enrolled in a national level certificate and diploma course at a young age which was the first step towards my choice of career. I had many opportunities to test my skills as I had many in my own vicinity who were willing to let me experiment on them as the resulting enhancement drew admiration from many. Thereafter, I continued to grow and learn in my field as I believe that the industry is constantly changing as change is the only constant and we too need be on par with the plethora of requirements and requests made by our clients who are aware of changing trends through the internet.

While keeping myself aware of the current matters pertaining to the beauty industry, I am also of the strong belief that one needs to feel beautiful inside in order to radiate that inner glow on the outside and that starts with dealing with issues such as low-self-esteem and seeing oneself as a truly valuable person with unique features and characteristics which make each one special. Maybe you feel that you fall short of the status quo in terms of outwards appearance but that does not make you ugly as each person is beautiful,” emphasized Chami.

On the brink of launching two of her own brands of seismic proportions, Chami is keen to give back the very best of the knowledge and experience she has gained throughout her career. Her rapidly growing clientele value her expert advice which has proven itself during the course of time. The brides dressed by Chami exude an aura, which is most often due to the following of a beauty regime recommended by her in addition to the make-up which is applied expertly in order to enhance their natural beauty.  With Chami’s artistic touch each person becomes a masterpiece – radiating their inner glow from within, while portraying their authentic beauty from without, as she ensures that all aspects of beauty are given the utmost attention to details.

She is also a good listener and easy-going, which makes each client feel important, giving them the option of making the most comfortable choices. An innate appeal for the aesthetic, made perfect with over two decades of experience in her field of expertise, gives Chami the edge above the rest in her ability to beautify anyone or anything that crosses her path.

By Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

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