Be Well-Groomed – Begin with Your Feet


Bestowing the least degree of pampering and care to our feet isn’t a secret. Step-motherly treatment is given to our feet that carry the entire weight of our structures.  At the end of the day, all the stress and strain of the day’s activity has an adverse impact on the soles of our feet, for that matter any ache or pain in another part of your body is felt through, the feet, e.g. when we suffer a headache, the pain is felt, in our feet, as well.

Clean and well pedicured feet are a portrayal of a woman’s cleanliness.  Then let us pay similar attention as we would to our hair and face.  Imagine a beautifully clad good-looking lady with unkempt feet Oh! She loses all the admiration from the onlookers, same goes with the men.

Is it a problem for you to keeping your feet clean and well groomed under hot humid weather conditions?

Here’s the answer and you will realize how simple, it is:-

  • In order to dispel the dryness and wrinkled effect in the skin on your feet, after a hard day’s work, soak your feet in salted warm water. The minerals in the Ocean have a very favourable reaction on your skin.  Once the water is cold, wipe your feet well and apply a moisturizer.  Try it, it works.

  • A Pumice Stone or a Foot-brush could be used to rub off the grime on your feet caused by the dusty hot weather.

  • Try to get your feet pedicured at least once a fortnight. Before applying dark shades of nail polish, apply a colourless base-coat, after it dries up, use the dark shade over your toe-nails.  This helps to minimise the discolouring caused by the dark shade of nail polish.  If your feet are constantly exposed to salt water or dust, apply a colourless top-coat to maintain the sheen.

  • Give your feet a novel appearance; sleek slender footwear, pedicures, “mehendi” decorations and tattoos.

  • After a hard day’s work, in case you have pressurised your feet, place your feet on icy cold water which gradually minimises red-patches and swelling.  After that wear cotton socks before you sleep, this helps to maintain the moisture on the skin of your feet.

Take Special care;

  •  Avoid wearing shoes with very high heels, always.
  • Avoid wearing shoes, worn by people with rashes and wounds.
  • Always wear cotton socks if you wear them all the day long.
  • Avoid wearing damp socks or shoes.
  • When selecting a pair of shoes, place emphasis on comfort of the wearer.
  • Bear in mind to select the correct size of shoes which don’t cramp your toes.
  • Before going to bed, wash and wipe your feet thoroughly and apply a suitable foot-cream.
  • Apply branded nail-polish of quality.
  • Don’t scrape your nail-polish with a blade or use an unsuitable chemical to rub it off.
  • Always trim your toe-nails and keep them clean.

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