Being young, on a tight schedule, fairly broke, and having to thrive under cruelly humid weather, coincidentally never comes off as easy. Alas, these challenges are no wise too kind on your skin and mental health either. At times you might assume the welfare of your skin and beauty is the least matter you should be worrying about. Regardless, these are two of the foremost things you might want to pay your attention to. This may sound exhausting, especially if you have moved from one beauty or skincare product to the other only to be facing a dead end, when all you had needed all this time was a little Vaseline. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, composed of waxes and mineral oils, has been a popular skincare option for a good 150 years. Why? Vaseline is more than just a moisturizer. Apart from defending your skin, Vaseline has proved to be a loyal beauty hack appliance in addition to solving minor household issues, and the good news is, it is affordable.

From Weather-Beaten Heels to Baby Skin

You cannot control the hot weather that causes your soles to feel sandpaper-dry to the touch, but you can put a stop to the latter situation. Rub Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your heels every night before you catch some sleep, pull on a pair of comfortable socks, and wake up to a refreshing difference.

Quicker Healing

The tiniest scrape or cut on your skin betrays its size when it gives you the pain it does, and needless to say, the same goes for larger wounds. Wounds tend to dry out, which gives way to scabs, which may in turn hinder the healing process. Applying Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your wound after a disinfection of the surface keeps your wound moist, thus allowing it to heal between one to three weeks.

Say Goodbye to Body Odor

There is no denying the disappointment of getting a whiff of your own body odor at some point of the day that you started with exhaling generous clouds of body mist as you sprayed it on yourself. Make it a habit to lay on a blob of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your wrist and the back of your ears before you spray some perfume on the places. The ointment is sure to retain the fragrance for a period long enough.

No More Tugging

The frustration of tugging on a ring that will not just budge has been endured by all. Enter Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, and a dab of the ointment under and around the ring may reduce the friction, enabling the object to slide smoothly off your finger.

Avoid a Possible Eyelash Disaster

Faux-lashes certainly sustain your confidence until the time comes for them to get ridden of. Your natural lashes always remain at the risk of being detached during this process, thanks to the eyelash glue. A miniscule amount of Petroleum Jelly applied on your lash-lines will allow the false lashes to peel off with ease, thus assuring you of the safety you were hoping for.

A Better “Mascara”

The mascara you use indisputably succeeds in giving your eyes the larger, clearer, less groggy-from-sleep-deprivation look you opt for. Even so, mascara, as it is with all cosmetic products, contains particular chemicals and pigments that may come with consequences once used on a very regular basis. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can be used as a substitute for mascara, but without the bad outcomes and including the advantage of bestowing you with glossier, thicker-looking eyelashes.

The End for Split-Ends

This is where you thank Robert Chesebrough for inventing an ointment for oil workers in 1859 that, centuries later, is a proven treatment—if temporary—for split-ends.  Lathering the ends of your dry hair with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly everyday disguises those bothersome split-ends until you may finally find yourself free enough to grab some scissors and dice them off.

By Rebecca Mischelle

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  1. OMG WOW. I never thought an article about vaseline could ENTERTAIN me!! I love how everything has been described. Great life hacks!! Good job Rebecca ♡

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