Young Dunith de Silva Launches Sri Lanka’s First Ever Crypto-Currency Master Class Platform


Youth is never to be mocked or belittled as in it lies a strength which belies one’s years. I marvel at the manner in which youngsters have overcome challenges in accomplishing the seemingly impossible. Many are the times when youth are considered to be nonchalant about the profundity of life, therefore one intends to almost ignore any serious ideas that may be suggested by them. Yet, I have seen how maturity in youth is prevalent with youngsters exploring unprecedented avenues in order to uplift each and other and society in general.

One such astounding initiative was made recently by a young man called, Dunith de Silva. He is a trailblazer who launched the pioneer crypto-currency online certification course in Sri Lanka.

With his innate ability to disseminate the knowledge on a much talked about yet hard to decipher subject, he has created a buzz among the youth and the corporate sector. With a step-by-step guide inclusive of a points structure and culminating in a reward earner, it is indeed an easy guide to become a professional in the management of crypto-currency.

Having gained his formal education at Royal College, Dunith completed his secondary education at Stafford International School and thereafter at Royal Institute. Subsequently, Dunith continues his postgraduate education at Monash University.

An avid cricket player at school, Dunith admits to having found the academic aspect of school challenging but he continued unperturbed due to an interest that manifested in his heart as a twelve year old. “I came across a website about Navy Seals and decided spontaneously that it was to be my ultimate goal in life- not primarily due to its elite nature but due to what it stood for” – “The more I learned, the more I realized that the Navy Seals maintained a strong bond similar to a family with respect, understanding and trust being paramount characteristics. In the ensuing years, I was driven by this goal, which chartered my course in life – from the various training I underwent from diving to fitness training and more. I would dedicate copious amounts of time to achieve the targets deemed fit in my quest to become part of the force which was established in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy.

As the years rolled by, there were times when the storms of life threatened to destroy my dream, yet I used to dispel my doubts and fears by always keeping focused and never quitting. There were moments when the physical exertion coupled with the emotional turmoil would loom over and I had just one opportunity to make a difference and I grabbed onto it like a lifeline and held on till I came through. I see these turbulent periods as learning experiences.

While reaching my goal, I drew closer to God as I experienced the most miraculous incidences and realized that He knows me fully and loves me unconditionally, enabling me to relate to Him on a personal level and trust Him implicitly. Therefore, the intensity of the challenges I faced did not deter me but made me stronger – similar to the ferocity of the waves we face; the deeper we go in the ocean – one can either let it wash over the head or go over it but keep moving forward towards the dream.  That in itself is pure exhilaration! There was another promise I made to myself and God and that was to help people to reach their goals in life – Which means that I need to strive harder but the satisfaction of living a people-oriented albeit other-centered life creates a sense of  ‘joie-de-vivre,’ making every moment worth living!”

“Stamping Sri Lanka’s crypto-currency master class footprint has been a milestone and did not take place overnight. Attention to detail, coupled with the expertise of two friends, made this dream a reality. I have always taken risks and as long as I kept in sight of my goal of helping people, charging the minimum price and offering the most amount of services – everything clicked into place. The feedback I have received from participants lays claim to the progress the platform has made since taking wing.

My message to anyone out there feeling despondent as your plans may have gone awry is to find an anchor, trust yourself and do your best and believe that God will enable you to attain the best version of yourself!”

By Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

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