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Raffealla Fernando Photography Celebrity Calendar Launch


The ‘2019 Raffealla Fernando Celebrity Calendar’ (RFCC) is Sri Lanka’s first-ever celebrity calendar launched in a large scale – a venture which has been successfully accomplished for seven (07) consecutive years. The much anticipated, calendar features the iconic celebrities, consisting of actresses, actors, singers, musicians, cricketers and VIPs of the paradise isle in the most creative styles exuding the glitz and glamour of the legendary entertainers. Raffaella’s fame has superseded the rest in terms of the experience garnered in working with over 100 celebrities in the past nine years.

The calendar launch has become an annual project of Raffaella Fernando and team, gaining much popularity amid the local stars as it is on par with internationally acclaimed celebrity portfolios. Moreover, many of our own celebrities have secured new opportunities due to the success of the 2018 RFCC, which was distributed in countries such as India, Maldives, London, France and Italy. The plans for the 2019 RFCC to reach a larger global audience are underway, in addition to bigger plans which will unfold in the near future.

The unique aspect of the calendar is its ability to enhance the beauty and add a glamorous feel to the featured artists and this is a collaborated effort by a dedicated and talented group of makeup artists, fashion designers, stylists, choreographers (post-direction) and post-production artists to create 12 creative photo shoots.


The 2019 RFCC features the following stars:

  1. 1. Sabeetha Perera
  2. Bathiya and Santhush
  3. Umara and Umaria
  4. Hemal Ranasinghe
  5. Nilmini Tenakoon
  6. Saranga Disasekara
  7. Roshan Ranawana
  8. Shalani Tharaka
  9. Dinakshi Priyasad
  10. Shanudrie Priyasad
  11. Sachini Ayendra
  12. Senali Fonseka

Compiled by Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

Photography By: Chinthaka Udayakantha

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