February 04th 2021 – 73 Years after Independence from Colonial Rule


Sri Lanka celebrates the significant event of gaining freedom from over four hundred years of colonialism. The National Flag flown in all its majesty encapsulates a symbolism which has profound meaning;

The Gold Coloured Lion – is the strength and bravery of Sri Lankan people and their ethnicity.

The Bo leaves – The Buddhist Doctrine embraced by the people of our country and the four virtues therein; Kindness / Compassion / Equanimity / Happiness.

The Lion – The bravery of Sri Lankans.

The Sword of the Lion – Signifies the sovereignty of the Nation.

The Lion’s Mane – Portrays Religious Observances, Wisdom and Meditation.

The Eight Tussles on the Lion’s Tail – Represents the Noble Eight Fold Path that should be followed.

The Tuft of hair around the handle of the Sword held by the Lion – Characterises the truth and purity of Speech.

The Handle of the Sword – Depicts the life giving elements of water, air and also fire which embodies the land of the country we live in.

The Lion’s Snout – Is a symbol of Intelligence.

The Paws of the Forelegs – The skill and dissemination of wealth.

The Vertical Orange Stripe – Illustrates the Dravidian (Tamil) Ethnicity.

The Green Stripe – Shows the followers of the Islam Faith.

The Yellow Border Round the Flag – Symbolises the diverse cultures living in ethnic harmony which includes the Dutch and Portuguese Burghers.

The Maroon Background – Denotes the majority – Sinhalese and their strong will power and bravery like the Lion. The Royal Maroon was the colour used by Kings of Sri Lanka in ancient times.

We are a proud nation conveying a noble message to the world at large. The prestige and distinction of this flag is limitless.

True freedom is to live devoid of jealousy, animosity, anger and avarice.

As we celebrate 73 years of independence, let us follow the virtues and principals depicted in our Lion Flag.

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