Exceptional Costume Ideas for your next Costume Party!


When someone mentions “costume party”, the first item to pop in mind would unmistakably be Harley Quinn from ‘Suicide Squad’ or its terrifying yet obviously popular—main antagonist, Pennywise. That goes without mentioning The Joker, be it Batman’s rival in “The Dark Knight”, or Joaquin Phoenix’s perfect embodiment from the 2019 “Joker” movie.

While these characters make excellent costume-party ensembles and are easy to imitate clothing-wise, one must admit to believing that they are becoming slightly too recurrent everywhere. Whichever costume party you may choose to take part in, there is always bound to be one or more Harley Quinns, Pennywises or Jokers.

Hence this list of ideas to help you choose something new; something that is not everyone’s first choice when it comes to dressing up as an exotic character.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

The tale of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf remains one of the oldest and most unforgettable children’s stories ever told. This is ideal for a couple’s costume choice, but that does not mean the theme cannot be applied to all seven members of your family as well. You can even be creative and portray both the wolf and the girl in the red cape through yourself alone!

The perfect color palette to go with this theme may include red, white, black, and brown. To put these outfits together, you will need a red cape, a food basket, an apron, a white dress, socks, and a pair of black shoes for Little Red Riding Hood, and a small wig, dark makeup, red and black flannel shirt, dark jeans, and boots for the Wolf unless you opt for a full-on wolf costume itself!

The Powerpuff Girls

The characters of Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup from the 1990s’ animated series, The Powerpuff Girls, bring you the opportunity for a spectacular dress-up as a trio, be it your best friends, your favorite co-workers or even your sisters. Consisting of three pastel-colored shift dresses (blue, pink and green), black belts, long, white socks, black shoes, a hair bow for Blossom, pigtails for Bubbles and a bob-cut wig for Buttercup, this costume would scream girl-power and retro at that costume party.

Django from Django Unchained

Costumes do not always have to be inspired by cartoons, folktales and horror films. Take Django from Quentin Tarantino’s hit 2012 movie ‘Django Unchained’, and you will have personified a proper Western cowboy.  All you will need to put this outfit together are a green button-down shirt, a pair of khakis, brown boots, a cowboy hat and a toy glock. Fix a holster onto a brown belt and you are even better to go!

The Iconic King of Pop

The best thing about a Micheal Jackson-themed outfit is that it is gender-neutral: it is for everyone. A variety of outfits distinctive of the singer are available to choose from, the “Black Or White”, “Smooth Criminal” and “Thriller” ensembles being only some of the finest of them. The “Billie Jean” attire will probably be more exciting to compile, with that shimmering, sequined jacket, white t-shirt, black trousers side-lined in silver, white socks, black loafers, a single sparkling glove and the attention-grabbing black top hat. Just don’t forget to strike the memorable ‘moonwalk pose’ while you are at it!

Squid Game

This Netflix show holds the title for being the most popular show on the platform, having surpassed two billion views in less than 30 days of its release in September. Squid Game-themed events and costumes are already being held and assembled, therefore it would not come off as a surprise if green tracksuits would be a common sight at a costume party. However, if you are a Squid Game fan that needs to keep up with the trend plus differ at the same time, you can always appear as one of the pink-clad, masked guards, or the bronze Front Man or even the Squid Game Doll, of which the ensemble consists only of a yellow shirt, orange dress, white socks, black shoes and low pigtails.

If there is a will, there is always a way!

By Rebecca Mischelle

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