AIA Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty to Help Us Help Ourselves


6 free doctors’ consultations with oDoc for AIA customers

By Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

While 2020 is considered the worst year with unprecedented occurrences such as COVID-19 causing widespread pandemonium, to me and our family, 2019 laid bare our sorrows due to the untimely death of my precious husband and father of our three children. It seemed like things could not get worse but it was truly the penultimate years of personal calamities in comparison to the catastrophes which have occurred en-masse this year. Yet, all is not lost similar to the proverbial, “every cloud has a silver lining,” which rings loud and clear. One such glimmer of hope among others was the introduction to AIA by a friend who had faced a similar tragedy as she and her daughter were left bereft at the sudden death of her husband several years ago.  How will I be able to face a medical emergency if it ever arose and how will my children be provided for if anything happens to me were questions that flooded my thoughts. Therefore, I truly thank God for AIA as it alleviated the fears and insecurities that accompanied my new role as a single mom and sole bread winner of the family.

What I discovered about AIA from the moment the agent contacted me was the ease I felt. All my details were obtained digitally and within a short time frame I was the recipient of a globally acclaimed insurance scheme which was customized according to my requirements. I literally breathed a sigh of relief and felt a sense of accomplishment at having acquired a secure insurance scheme which was similar to a buffer for myself and our children. Yet, what AIA offered was more than a mere insurance scheme and I was truly amazed at receiving additional support in terms of a wealth of information about maintaining good health and wellbeing including invitations to participate in seminars conducted by professionals on useful topics such as fighting Non-Communicable Diseases. Further, AIA has maximized on the technological advancements and incorporated flexibility and the ability to evolve and adapt according to the times, which is pivotal to a busy individual like myself. I personally feel that I matter to AIA and I am not a client who is required to merely pay the monthly premium and be shelved off.

Since the onset of the pandemic, AIA has increased its capacity to care by introducing the oDoc platform en gratis basis for customers which enables us to consult any physician island-wide from the safety and comfort of our home, thus easing the burden of actual visits during the precarious lockdown period. In addition, AIA included COVID-19 in the coverage, enhancing the support rendered to us. Moreover, we as AIA’s valued clients have been provided with the opportunity of six free video consultations, with SLMC registered doctors and consultants specialized in Wellness, Mental Health Professionals and Physiotherapists anywhere, anytime for the duration of one year via a mobile phone application. All customers who have a policy with a total annual premium of Rs. 100,000 or above are eligible for this offer, while Health Protector, Health First policyholders and AFC customers already enjoy the ‘Unlimited Teleconsultation Offer’ from oDoc.

The first consultation is a Nutritional review in which the nutritionist speaks with the client in depth to understand goals and current lifestyle – after which, they provide a personalised plan to follow through. During the second consultation, the nutritionist follows up with the client to assess how the plan has been followed and makes changes if necessary in order to achieve goals. At the third consultation, the nutritionist speaks to the client in order to assess the lifestyle changes that were made over the last three months and provides clients with a sustainable long-term plan. Clients are granted access to a counsellor or psychologist who will listen to the client and inquire about any matters which cause stress in the home or workplace among other things during the fourth consultation. During the fifth consultation, clients can speak with a qualified physiotherapist to assess mobility, strength and to receive advice on current physical fitness levels and recommended activities. The final and most important consultation will enable the client to understand and speak to a professional of his/her choice so that he/she can learn how to incorporate the lessons learned into a way of life that is beneficial for optimum health. While this is the ideal path recommended by AIA, customers are free to craft their own wellness journey with the specialists in ways that suits them the best.

Through this scheme, introduced during a crisis when people are weary about visiting hospitals and thus neglect their physical and mental health, AIA has given us something to help us take care of ourselves.  As a firm believer of maintaining a healthy lifestyle myself, AIA’s current offer is priceless and adds to the support offered to each and every individual in the journey of life.

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