Dimensions – Blending Ancient and Modern to Offer the Very Best of Energy Healing


Having celebrated the opening of her first showroom at No. 555/2/B/1 Kaduwela Road, Thalangama North, Battaramulla, Ms. Harshanie Hewamadduma Ritigahapola, the founder of Dimensions, was delighted to spare a few minutes from her busy schedule to share the story of Dimensions.

How and why did Dimensions come to be?

In the beginning Energy Healing was simply a personal interest of mine, but as I began to look deeper into the art, it dawned on me, how little people actually know about the concept of Energy and its benefits. My first step was to buy the Biopulsar Reflexograph System. I began doing readings for my family and friends and eventually acquired a small working space where I could use the Biopulsar Reflexograph System to do Energy Readings for my clients. I began doing Reiki Therapy and using Crystals to heal the ailments and problems we came across.

Bringing an ancient art into the 21st century is no easy task. How did you manage it?

Modern Energy Healing and Reading have been in Sri Lanka for about 6-8 years. However, I realized that it was a mere niche minority that knew of and made use of the art itself. I wanted to bring Energy Healing to a larger audience. Many people in Sri Lanka have merely heard of the term Energy Healing, they don’t have an actual understanding of the art and its benefits. They know about Universal Energy in general but not about Energy Healing and Reading. Reiki Therapy entails the use of Universal Energy to heal via amplifying the person’s own energy. Thus they are healed by their own energy. This has been happening for thousands of years.

How does Dimensions continue to blend the ancient and modern to better serve its clients?

The Biopulsar Reflexograph System has been produced by Auramed, a German company that has been conducting research studies on Energy for almost twenty years. This machine is the most advanced of its kind. The inventors have combined Energy Reading with Chinese Reflexology, Indian Ayurveda, and Ying and Yang Energy. Thus the Biopulsar Reflexograph System is the epitome of the blend of ancient and modern. Then there’s Reiki Therapy, which has been around for almost fifty years. Along with Reiki Therapy there are other techniques of Energy Healing such as Pranic Healing, Angels Reiki Healing etc.Dimensions also offers Color Therapy, which is used to stimulate the reflexes of a problematic organ zone.

What exactly is a Biopulsar Reflexograph System and how does it operate?

One of the main functions of the Biopulsar Reflexograph System is to provide a measurement of the Energy of all the body’s organs via skin resistance. The measuring is very precise and not harmful in any way.  The grafts correspond to the pulse diagnosis and the results are based on the verification of a series of colors. The grafts show the entire network of the body in detail.

The Biopulsar Reflexograph System is made up of a number of other software applications for various procedures including treatments, analysis, there is even software suitable for gyms and spas. These let the professionals at gyms and spas know which muscles need the most attention.

What sets Dimensions apart from other businesses that specialize in energy healing?

The aura-reading machines at Dimensions provide a thorough and precise reading unlike many other machines found in Sri Lanka, which measure a limited number of the body’s organs. At Dimensions, the Biopulsar Reflexograph System provides a reading of a total of forty-three organ zones.

At Dimensions we try to teach people about Energy, it’s not just about Aura-Reading and selling bracelets and crystals. We aim to teach people about Energy and its benefits, as it is by improving their Energy levels that they can improve themselves. We also encourage people to be positive, as a positive attitude can make all the difference in the world. At Dimensions we also promote the Law of Attraction, which is linked to Energy Healing and personal growth.

We take much care of our crystals from the very beginning. We buy our crystals from very reliable sources and we confirm the quality via a qualified gemologist. We continuously charge them by using different techniques so that our clients get the best out of our crystals to manifest anything they desire and for positivity. Our crystals are kept in a sound room to amplify the energies of the crystals with sound vibration before we showcase it in our showroom.

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