Banding to Connect Local and International EDM


Meeting the boys of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) inspired music festival Neverland Sri Lanka, formed by EDM enthusiasts to promote Sri Lankan music to the world.

Its founder Tharaka Deemantha was inspired from an early age, by the sound of EDM for its electrifying and captivating vibe it gives. “I wanted to bring together young and upcoming talent in the music industry and give them a platform to showcase their creative potential. Through Neverland Sri Lanka, this was possible as international artists were collaborating with locals. The event was a massive success in 2019, which was held at Viharamahadevi Park”.

All the musicians grouped under the name “Neverland Sri Lanka”, are students or professionals seeking other ventures to fund their musical aspirations.

“We are hoping to do greater things, but Covid-19 and the financial aspect isn’t helping, but our dream is to do a unique concert that will attract tourists across the globe and promote tourism for the country.  We want to show the world, we have talent and international artists can perform here too”.

Neuro Creations is a brand that is established for creative musical concepts, productions, and events. It was formed in 2018, and its breakthrough event was “Neverland Sri Lanka” in 2019, which was a massive success.

“We ran out of space, and people were willing to pay more than the ticket price to get into the event, but the venue couldn’t accommodate anymore, and we had a lot of inquiries for another one in 2020, but Covid-19 halted the event. And the beginning of the year we decided to postpone the event until the situation subsides. Meanwhile, we worked on a different vibe and gave the audience the virtual edition of the event called “Neverland Sri Lanka – The Virtual Festival”.

The virtual festival was to send out positive message, at a time of struggle due to the pandemic that engulfed the world. This event was the first-ever virtual festival in Sri Lanka, planned spectacularly and uniquely using mass production strategies”.

The virtual edition of the event featured a top-scale of young blood in the industry alongside two international artists collaborating with the event virtually. NEULOWS, Amneshia, Mechanic, Sri Nation, Jinna, Kyze, Drop Division, Sick Noize, and many more were a big part of the young artists who performed in the virtual festival.

For every part of the journey, Neuro Creations had the continuous support and the partnership with the Blackfox Videography team which contributed so much of their skills and talents to make the “Neverland Festival” a grand success.

Taking Local Talent International

Through Neuro Creations, Tharaka and his team want to take Sri Lankan traditional music to the international arena. “Our music will be original, and local. We want to promote local talent to the international stage.

“As youngsters, we feel there is no music, that is ordinal now, compared the yesteryears. Music nowadays are taken from here and there and is later promoted as original and its happening every often”.

Neuro Creations is looking for talent, and funding for its music and music production, “We have the talent, but we need the funding and support from organizations for sponsorships. But every organization asks for experience and established bands and musicians without allowing any new talent to rise. Currently, we are supporting ourselves with the work we do, but we need more support to go forward”.

Neuro Creations has done some unique videos, consisting of a combination of music and giving some awesome fusion mix. The brand consists of youngsters from different walks of life but united with one purpose to take the Sri Lankan music industry to all the international arenas.

“We want to go global and Sri Lanka’s name should be mentioned as a concert venue and a music destination, we are working towards that tirelessly”.

By Mena Kumar

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