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Wine and Dine to the Beat of the Mambo


The Galle Face Hotel has been celebrated for its excellent hospitality since its very inception, and has managed to offer its guests fine and unparalleled dining experiences throughout the years. In a bid to take their offerings to the next level, the hotel intends to unveil “King of the Mambo”, an in-house lounge-restaurant and wine cellar expected to be an unprecedented and one of a kind experience for local restaurant-goers.

The restaurant will be launched in partnership with Galle Face Hotel and the Dubai-based management company Infini Concepts. Just weeks before its launch, we were able to catch up with David Lescarret, Managing Director of the company, who is one of the key players in bringing to life this exciting new entrant to the City’s dining scene.

Born to family of culinary enthusiasts in Bordeaux, France, David grew exposed to the finer food in life. Armed with this background, extensive experience through travel and his sheer passion, he sought out to do what he knows best, when he incorporated his own company three and a half years ago. Infini Concepts handles a multitude of fields, but its work mainly revolves around developing concepts and venues relating to Food and Beverage.

When asked about how he fits into the scene with the prestigious Galle Face Hotel, he explains that as a regular visitor to the country, he had observed its true potential grow over the years and having had a close relationship with the Hotel, he together with its management brought this concept into fruition. We learn that while the concept was developed by him and his team, his sister company Infini Restaurant Management Ltd, recently established in Sri Lanka, will look into the day to day management of the restaurant.

Speaking about the restaurant, he elaborates that as the name of the restaurant implies, it is intended to take on a Cuban, and South American concept – a first to the local gastronomy culture. He clarifies that despite the overall Latino theme, the restaurant will predominantly serve Mediterranean dishes together with Spanish, French, Italian and Cuban favourites with a slight twist. His explanation hints that the restaurant will be a melting pot of cultures all under one roof. David also adds that guests can expect a whole host of exciting and unique beverages as well as classic cocktails.

An exclusive sneak peek reveals that the restaurant will take on a colourful and lively atmosphere, in keeping with its Cuban dance theme. Decorated with Cuban accents such as Havana hats and 50’s themed décor, the restaurant features comfortable and plush seating. In addition, David promises a host of events and entertainment activities, such as a special Cuban band that will entertain the restaurant’s patrons and keep them tapping their toes as they enjoy excellent food. While they plan to host a special Brunch every Sunday, at all other times, guests can select from their extensive A la Carte menu.

The venue will have a 170 person seating capacity, with outdoor and indoor seating options, being located at one of the most breathtaking venues of the hotel, overlooking the Indian Ocean. In addition to the main dining area, the venue will also have a bar, a lounge, a private dining room to seat 14 persons and also a Karaoke room. The impressive wine cellar of the restaurant will allow special wine-tasting sessions.

The restaurant will open in mid-October and David recommends making a reservation well in advance to avoid disappointment. King of the Mambo will open at 12.00 noon and stay open till late night.

By: Shanya Cooray

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