High Tea in The Hills!


Kandy just got even better! For anyone visiting or living in the hills we have some mouth-wateringly delicious news for your tastebuds and soul.

The Radh Hotel – 30 Colombo St, Kandy– has launched its exclusive High Tea in the hills!

Imagine the misty mountains, comforting breeze and that perfect weather for a cup of tea and delish finger food with your favourite people!  Well, that’s what Sunday is all about if you are in Kandy!

This exclusive indulgence is for those of you who love good company and great food amidst the best air in town! It is the perfect way to end a long week or take a break after a stroll down the busy streets. The Radh has created the perfect space to lighten your day and brighten your mood which is a conversation starter and more than anything, therapy for your soul.

If you are in Kandy, High Tea at The Radh is a must-add to your to-do-list!

Unlike your typically overpriced but under delivered high-tea experiences, The Radh is doing it differently and doing it better. Having the edge of being located in the heart of the Kandy city, The Radh is just walking distance from wherever. From the moment you step into the hotel you are greeted by the friendliest staff and a great atmosphere, forgetting instantly that you are in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, taking you on an imaginary voyage with each sip of tea.

The Radh, with their high tea is giving the guests, not just tasty food but an unforgettable experience. Each item has its story on how it is made and why, be it with cow’s milk freshly taken from their very own farm located in the outskirts of Kandy, or of the brilliant selection of sweet and savory food to warm and cold drinks that is designed from the master- chefs to suit the mood of the guests.

If your focus is good food that is value for money and a surreal experience, The Radh is the place you should visit. The Hotel with only one year of being in the hospitality industry in Kandy has managed to create a much-needed hype among the residents as well as the visitors. The high tea which is undoubtedly spectacular has shot right to the top of the list of Sunday-Funday activities.

The Radh launched High Tea for the city of Kandy to indulge and enjoy to celebrate one year of success in the hospitality industry.

“We have had a fruitful year with many events and being nominated for the World Luxury Hotel Awards is certainly the icing on the cake. The Radh is on a promising path towards great heights in defining the true spirit of Kandyan hospitality. While standing with the team, I wish them best of luck for an amazing journey ahead” – R. Sarrifo’Deen (Sheriff), Veteran Hotelier and Senior Consultant of The Radh.

The high tea buffet was launched by the internationally experienced Chef Imtiaz Khan and the team to mark their first anniversary with over 70+ joining the celebrations. In their journey forward, Radh gave back to the community by sharing the spirit of togetherness with an elders’ home who was treated for lunch by The Radh team exemplifying what true hospitality stand for.

By: Amali Dissanayake

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