The Top Five Up-To-The-Minute Accessories to Complete Your ‘Fall Fit’


Accessories are necessarily an overlooked area when it comes to dressing up. Although they are, for the most part, included in an outfit, accessories rarely get the attention garments do. It can be presumed that for some, this hardly matters, but the right choice of accessory, handpicked from a list of the latest accessory trends, could provide a touch of sharpness to your otherwise incomplete outfit, especially as you walk through the latter half of 2021, embracing fall.

Platform Shoes

Be it platform heels or platform sneakers or sandals with a platform heel, the platform trend has been part of the trend family throughout spring 2021 before it showed signs of remaining for the fall as well. Platform shoes, unlike stilettos and kitten heels, have proved to be of better comfort and support for the leg, from the sole of your foot, all the way up to your knee.

Oversized Retro Glasses

For the most part, glasses act as protective armor for the eye. For a fashion-conscious trend-follower, however, they can be more than just a shield from the dust and the sun. If that sounds like you, word is that large, retro sunglasses are in vogue at the moment, and a pair waits for you in a store somewhere, hopeful that you would pick it to accompany that ensemble you chose for a day out in fall.

Satin Headscarves

Headscarves have been so popular throughout time that they could easily pass for a classic. Satin headscarves come bearing all sorts of motifs and patterns and are full of vivid color, enough to add a spark to an outfit that you are worried appears too dull. What is more, a headscarf can be styled in dozens of different ways, from a wrap-around bandanna to a hair-tie at the top of your ponytail.

Baseball Hats

Where bucket hats dominated the headwear trend in the previous year, the baseball hat trend has made its return from the 1990s to replace bucket hats this fall. The baseball hat may appear modest, but it is a fine cover-up option for a bad hair day. It is also the ideal partner for jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers combination, or basically any assortment of garments in that case.

Camouflaged Bags

In the occasion that you choose your own fabric to stitch your own garment, remember to add in an extra half of a yard or so for a bag that directly matches what you will be wearing. As of fall 2021, camouflaged bags are a closely followed trend, and what is not to love about an accessory that blends right in with the theme of your dress?


By Rebecca Mischelle

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