With warm August joining the history of 2021, thus placing a full stop for summer, September is here to mark the start of the ‘drizzliest’ era of the year. ‘Bienvenue’ to heavy, grey clouds, chilly air, and wet earth squelching under your feet. For most of us locals who put up with sweltering weather for months, autumn is like that one air-conditioned compartment in the office where everybody finds an excuse to hang out in.

Autumn is also the time for your pretty, summer clothes to retire to the back of your closet, while you struggle to put together this and that for a day out in the rain, wondering how not to get wet and cold and appear fabulous at the same time. If you find that situation relatable, the following list of outfit ideas is just for you!

Outfit #1

Tired of the same old combination of t-shirts and skinny jeans you would wear on a day out with the girls? Drape a long coat over a pair of high-waisted trousers and a tucked-in tank top, pair it up with a couple of Chelsea boots, and grab a mini crossbody bag on your way out the door. Go for a light makeup look, a tight, low hair bun, and have the color of your face mask parallel with the color of your shoes.

Outfit #2

This one is for the boys. Remember that turtleneck shirt you keep neglecting? Dig that out and match it up with some jeans a few shades darker. Pull a black leather jacket over the ensemble, and feel free to add a check-printed scarf and a pair of lace-up boots to the picture.

Outfit #3

For a casual look of feminine dominance, opt for a knife-pleated midi-skirt. Take an oversized sweater and loosely tuck the hem into the skirt. Buckle a good leather belt around your waist, knot the laces of some white sneakers on your feet. Dab a little day-makeup on your face, let your hair loose, and complete your ensemble with a satchel bag that matches the color of your belt.

Outfit #4

Gentlemen, choose a bold-hued crew neck t-shirt and some blue denim pants, then make the color pop by opting for a grey and black check-print jacket. Finish off your look with a pair of brown loafers, and why not also a hat while you are at it?

Outfit #5

A formal autumn look can be achieved via an ensemble of a bold colored blazer, a light-toned shift dress and a cinch-waist belt. Before glamming it up with an evening makeup look composed of smokey eyes and rouge lips, introduce a pair of heeled loafers and black tights to your gorgeous outfit.

All of these ensembles can be counted on to provide a sophisticated yet casual touch to your everyday choices of style, September through January. Just don’t forget to wear confidence along with them!

By Rebecca Mischelle

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  1. Great tips!!! Very helpful and interesting!! Thank you Reb!!

    1. I’m glad you think so! Thank you for the comment Ashie. :))

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