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Page by Page is a product of the bold, beautiful and brilliant Marianne Page, the former Miss Universe for Sri Lanka 2014.  It is a brand impassioned by a woman, for the world-wide-women.  If you love to let your clothes do the talking while you sit back and relax in your resort-wear, Page by Page comes highly recommended!

The rare, one-of-a-kind (literally!) pieces are hand-drawn to emphasize the nature of batik designs.  Every piece in the collection tells a unique story, and you will not find two alike! The exotic touches of the fired-up batik designs are character-clothing oozing with confidence to give you the edge you need.

Like everything great, Page by Page is a result of hard work, dedication, unyielding passion and female force. As the woman behind the brand says;

“The creation of the initial line has taken two years, it has been a labor of love that involved a lot of travel back and forth between Melbourne and Sri Lanka and finally culminated in the launch of Page by Page.”

Inspired by Marianne Page’s love for the tropics and batik, this collection focuses on the simple styles of modern batik art portrayed through each piece. The designs featured are exclusively manufactured in Sri Lanka giving careful attention to each piece to ensure quality and consistency.

There is something for every woman who shops here, be it for a beach vacation or even just to lounge by the pool. From designer batik-bikinis, exotic swimwear, classy clothing, chic accessories, in-vogue jewellery to high-end silk skirts that are of spectacular value- “with each item being truly unique, handmade and luxurious.”

With the launch of Page by Page, not only did it create a platform for Sri Lankan designs to reach the international market, it also became a voice for the voiceless. Page by Page is a shout out from Sri Lanka to the far corners of the world of what connects us.  Fashion has always been a universal language, this time around with a voice which speaks of our proud identity, local craftsmanship, art & design, skills and expertise that has become a major boost for our domestic industries.

If you are a woman of fashion who would love to get your hands on a limited-edition piece by Page, you can do so at The Design Collective Store down Stafford Avenue.  TDC has turned in to the most popular place for local designers to show their work to the shoppers. As for shoppers, TDC has become a sure place to find something they would love that’s alluring, extravagant, value for money that would help them dress for the occasion.

If you are a woman one-of-a-kind, explore Page’s Page of bold and relentless batik looks to make that statement about you!

By Amali Dissanayake

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