Nevertheless She Persisted


Standing tall and graceful with an air of confidence and poise is the beautiful Dhiyana Silva. The barrage of challenges she faced since childhood seemed insurmountable…. Nevertheless she persisted…

Dhiyana Silva is a model by profession represented by the Panthera Modeling Agency. She is a formidable force in her own right as she has overcome daunting challenges since childhood. While many may grapple with the notion of being hearing impaired, Dhi considers it as a ‘gift bestowed by God’. Rising above the hurtful remarks that threatened to mar the dreams of a little girl who aspired to become a model one day is the stunning beauty who is a living embodiment of an empowered woman.

While modeling is her forte, the lithesome young lady has to balance her work with studies as a student of Wycherley international school currently occupied with Cambridge AS levels. Possessing a ‘joie de vivre’, enables her to embrace life with all its follies and foibles and thrive in what she does; be it basketball, athletics and ballet. A virtuoso ballet dancer, she attributes her flexibility, perseverance and confidence to ballet- which is poetry in motion but requires excessive commitment. Having passed her 2019 ballet exams with flying colours, she says, “regardless of the bruises on my feet, I would envision the final performance which would surpass all expectations.” She is also the U17 Netball Captain of the school Mixed Team which was placed first in the same category. Moreover, her affinity for sports has shaped her character as, “sports taught me take risks and persevere”.  The love for sports and fitness courses through her veins, yet Dhi is first and foremost a model at heart, exulting in her own eclectic sense of fashion.

She was scouted to model for a popular brand and since she displayed an innate flair for modeling and a passion for it she sought a professional agency to represent her. “Panthera Modeling Agency has welcomed me into their fold and given me the freedom to explore the new possibilities that could arise from within me. Like a mother who guides a child, the coaches at Panthera give value to the individual and consistently encourage and motivate us to soar to greater heights.

How she has remained buoyant in the sea of negativity that threatens to drown her is by channeling her thoughts intentionally towards that which is positive. “I constantly pursue the unattainable and achieve my goals due to perseverance. “Self-confidence plays a huge role in my life. I see myself as a positive and strong willed individual who looks on the bright side of everything and this has enabled me in being the person I am today!”

Using her voice to inspire others, Dhi is emphatic about sharing a message of hope, “I wish to make an impact in the fashion industry by being at the top and inspiring other individuals with medical conditions to overcome their fears and doubts and challenge the misconceptions and prejudices by striving hard to achieve their goals in any sphere. Do not let an impairment be an impediment instead allow it to be a stepping stone towards success. I wish to leave behind the legacy of being THE idol and inspiration for those who are challenged physically and mentally to see that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. Do not give up or give in to despair – no matter how hard the course.  Always believe in yourself that you can get through this because achieving your dreams is an uphill climb and in order for dreams to work, you need to work for it. Finally and most importantly remember that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Written By: Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne

Photography By: Sidath Wanaguru

MUA: Nadiya Fernando

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